Packaging on the Vaporesso Swag kit is very nice, as always with most Vaporesso products. On the first tier of the box, you will get the mod, the tank, and a spare coil. Below the plastic insert of the box, there is a high-quality USB cable included.

First impression on the Swag Kit, it looks very much like an Eleaf Pico or a Smok Baby Alien mod. It’s one of those mods that takes a single 18650 with the raised battery cap. It’s a nice form factor and I do like the design. The nice thing about this mod, as opposed to the other two that I just mentioned, is that Vaporesso tends to use a much better chipset. Let’s see if that holds true for this kit. I’m going to put some batteries in it, juice it up, and see how it actually performs.


  • One Swag 80W TC Mod
  • One NRG SE Sub-Ohm Tank
  • GT2 Core 0.4 ohm Coil
  • GT CCELL 0.4 ohm Ceramic Coil
  • Spare Glass Tank Section
  • Spare O-Rings
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • User Manuals

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review



Starting off at the top of the mod, we do have a raised battery cap. It protrudes out from the top plate of the mod quite a lot. The battery cap is black and it does have some knurling around it. Threading on the battery cap is very smooth especially at the beginning of the threads. Towards the end, it does tend to get a little crunchy but I think that has to do with the resistance of the installed battery more than it does with the actual threading. On the interior of the battery cap, we do have a negative battery orientation marking. Inside the battery tube, there is also a positive battery orientation marking. The battery contact on the bottom of the tube is gold plated and spring loaded.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

On the top side of the mod, straight across from the battery cap, is where the 510 connection is located. As with most Vaporesso mods, the 510 connection on this mod is pretty damn good. There is a gold plated 510 pin that is spring loaded and it has a firm, long throw to it. So far, all of the atomizers that I’ve used have sat flush on this mod. Around the 510 there is a stainless steel plate. It is totally smooth with no indentations or cutouts whatsoever. The one downfall of this sort of mod is that it really limits you as far as other atomizers go. Because of the battery cap, anything larger than 22 mm will just not fit on this mod.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

With the screen facing you on the right side of the mod, we do have a sort of carbon fiber look. I really don’t think it’s a sticker, it looks to be more of a plastic piece with a carbon fiber image imprinted on it. On the top of that panel, there is some Swag branding. On the side of the same panel, there is also some Vaporesso branding. All branding is very subtle because they do it in colors that are very close to the shades of the body of the mod. Right below The Vaporesso branding, there is a charge update port. This mod is firmware upgradeable. The port also supports 2 amp internal charging. That’s a really nice feature to have on a single 18650 mod. This mod charges quickly when plugged in.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

On the left side of the mod, there is some more Swag branding towards the top. Towards the bottom of the mod is where is the plus and minus buttons are located. If the screen is facing you and the plus and minus buttons point towards the floor, the plus button is on the left and the minus button is on the right. There are no button orientation markings. I really hate when companies do that. How hard is it to slap a plus or minus sign on the button?

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The good news is the plus and minus buttons are clicky and responsive. They are somewhat embedded in the mod. They really don’t protrude at all from the surface of the side of the mod. You kind of have to stick your finger in there in order to access them. The button is rectangular in shape and it seems to be made out of plastic.

On the bottom of the mod, we do have some battery venting that is arranged in a circular pattern. This pattern occurs on both sides of the bottom of the mod. Each circular pattern has 6 vent holes. On the backside of the mod, opposite the screen, there is a black panel with some silver accenting around it.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

On the front of the mod, there is a .91 inch OLED display. It’s a nice size screen for a mod of this size. It’s a little bit on the dim side and it will give you some trouble viewing it in outdoor lighting conditions. Inside, it is not a problem at all. On the screen, you will be able to see your resistance, battery life, wattage, preheat, and applied voltage. Lots of information for such a little screen.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

Located above the screen is the fire button. It is oval in shape and it seems to be made out of metal. There is some type of swirling effect on it that gives it a light texture. The fire button is clicky and responsive but I do wish it was a little larger. It’s fine as far as the size goes when you compare it to the size of this mod but I always prefer fire buttons that are a little oversized.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

Below the screen, we have the mode button. The mode button lets you scroll through different options in the menu system. It has become a staple with Vaporesso mods. They have really done a lot in the industry when it comes to 4 button mods. I wish other manufacturers would follow suit when it comes to adding another button. It definitely makes the menu systems more simplified when you have a dedicated menu button. Unfortunately, with this mod and other recent mods, Vaporesso has failed to take full advantage of this button but we will get into that in more detail later.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

Overall, I would say the design of this mod is very compact and good looking. It definitely has a nice feel and weight to it. While the side panels seem to be made out of plastic, they don’t feel cheap at all. They do have a smooth feel to them and I wish that they had a little bit more texture to them in order to give the mod a better grip. I love the two-tone look of this mod and the way they put some of the color combinations together. The mod is available in black, blue, orange, and stainless steel.


Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The tank included with this kit is the NRG SE 22 mm Sub Ohm tank. It is a smaller version of Vaporesso’s NRG tank. Just like the big version, it does have a top fill system. There is an arrow located on the top cap. Push towards the arrow and slide the tank to your left to open it. It is very similar to a Smok Baby Beast sort of top fill. The only difference is the top cap slides towards the left and up instead of to the right and sideways. This tank does hold 3.5 mls of liquid.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The drip tip included with this tank is a sort of proprietary drip tip. I will explain, while it has a 510 opening, it also has a little cut out on the bottom that allows it to slip around a ring that is raised off of the top of the top cap. It does give it a very clean look. The drip tip is very comfortable, the only problem with it is if you do want to run your own 510 drip tips, you have to make sure that they match perfectly with the circumference of the protruding ring on the top cap. 510 drip tips will fit, but not all of them will look good.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The fill port for the NRG tank is located under the top cap, beneath the slider. It has a Tic Tac shape to it and there is a white gasket around it. You will be able to fit needle nose bottles in there with no problem but be careful with the bull nose types of bottles. It is a little too small for air to escape while you are filling it. It could get a little messy with those types of bottles and glass droppers. On the ring around the top cap, there is some Vaporesso branding on one side.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The base of the NRG tank has bottom airflow. There are two airflow slots located opposite each other on the base of the tank. The AFC is smooth and easy to adjust. It does have stoppers on both ends. This is a bottom airflow tank. On the base, you will see some Vaporesso branding as well as a serial number. The 510 pin on the NRG tank is silver-plated and the threading around the 510 is stainless steel. The threading is very smooth and so far, it has sat flush on every other mod that I have used it on.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

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This kit does come with 2 coils. One is the .5 ohm GT CCELL ceramic coil and the other is the .4 ohm GT2 coil. Because I received a very early pre-release version, I only received one coil. So, I cannot intelligently comment on the .5 ohm ceramic coil because I did not receive it. The only coil I received in my kit was the .4 ohm GT2 coil.

I do have to give Vaporesso credit. I love the way they rated their coils. I’m going to include a pic of their chart that shows all their ratings at different wattages as well as the different preheats. I think that is absolutely fantastic that they do this. I really do wish more manufacturers would follow suit when it comes to providing more accurate information and ratings as far as coils go. My only complaint is, I would like to see the material used in the coil imprinted on the coil itself.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

As usual, I installed the coil and primed it first. I then proceeded to fill the tank up and I let it sit for about 5 minutes even though I primed it first. This is the way I like to set up most of my sub ohm tanks. I like to give the cotton inside the factory coils a chance to really soak up the liquid. The cotton on factory coils is usually packed in there very tight. Giving it time to soak up, definitely helps the coil break in easier when the coil is new.

After letting the coil soak for awhile, I started to vape it at around 40 watts, on normal preheat. I got some pretty good flavor off of it and I really didn’t get a very cottony taste. Maybe for the first pull or two but after that, the flavor really came on. Once I started to get full flavor, I cranked up the wattage to around 50 watts. The flavor definitely got a lot better and the clouds really seemed to come into their own. After that, I tried it at 60 watts, again the flavor was slightly improved and the clouds were indeed larger. I did push this coil as high as 70 watts in normal mode. To be honest, I felt like the flavor diminished, even though the clouds were slightly larger. I like this coil right around 50 watts. That’s where you seem to get the best compromise of clouds and flavor.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

My one problem with this coil is the lack of longevity. It just doesn’t seem to last very long. While I only had one coil, I guess you could probably say I might have gotten a bad one. However, this has been my experience with most of the coils that I have tested in the NRG line of tanks. They are flavorful and cloudy out of the gate but they’re not much for distance. I would like to see Vaporesso improve the quality control on their coils so we can get some better coil life out of them. The good news with this tank is, even though the coils that Vaporesso makes may not be the greatest, it is cross compatible with Smok Baby Beast coils.


This is a good looking kit that has a nice compact feel to it. It is a very easy carry and it’s extremely pocketable. I do like the fact that they recessed the plus and minus buttons. That makes it even more pocketable in my opinion because you have less of a chance of those buttons being hit while in a pocket or bag. It does have a nice smooth texture to it and it does feel very comfortable in the hand. It is light and very compact. I love the fact that Vaporesso was very subtle about the branding. There is no gaudy type of branding on this mod. If you like the looks of the Eleaf Pico or the Smok Baby Alien, then you are going to love this mod. I think it actually looks a bit better and after using it for quite some time, I know it performs better.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review


The Swag mod uses Vaporesso’s proprietary chip, which is the new to 2.0 Omniboard. This chip will fire as low as .05 ohms and as high as 5 ohms. It has a maximum voltage of 8.5 volts and a temperature control range of 200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The chip also has a full temperature control suite. It is capable of doing TC in Ni, Ti, and SS. There is also a wattage curve feature as well as a temperature control curve feature and a TCR function with two memory slots. I absolutely love the Smart VW mode. I think it is a huge win for newbies. What this mode does is as soon as you attach an atomizer in power mode, it gives you a suggested wattage. That is just fantastic for new vapers that may not know where to start. This is a pretty competent board with a ton of bells and whistles. It also has a bypass mode and of course, if you want to, you can simply run it in power mode.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review


  • Click the fire button 5 times to turn the mod on and off.
  • Long press the mode button to scroll through the different modes.
  • Going into the system settings gives you access to VW Mode, VT Mode, Default, Smart Mode, Screen Timeout, Brightness, and Puff Counter.
  • In order to get into the system settings, scroll through the options in the main menu. When you get to system settings, hit the mode button three times. From there, you can adjust your modes, screen brightness, screen timeout, and puff counter. It is here where you can change the wattage in TC mode.
  • Hold the plus and minus button to flip the screen.
  • Hold the mode and the plus button to lock and unlock the device.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

While this menu system has a lot of functionality to it, the way they laid it out is just way too difficult. There are just too many button presses that you need to do just to make very simple adjustments. I’m sorry, but that’s a poor job by Vaporesso, especially since we are using an extra button as opposed to most traditional menu systems. They really need to come up with some more efficient button presses to simplify this menu. There is no reason why this menu has to be so complicated with fourth button. They seem to have addressed that situation on that kit but unfortunately, the Swag kit has the same problem that the original Revenger menu system has.


It’s a really nice, high-quality vape. I find this mod to be extremely accurate in power mode and TC mode. Vaporesso does a great job with its chipset as far as accuracy goes in both power and TC mode. I get a very satisfying vape off of this setup. While the coils may not be the greatest, they can be replaced with Smok Baby Beast coils and that makes the NRG tank infinitely more enjoyable. While I am not the sort of vaper that is into those curve modes, I know a lot of people out there enjoy them. If you do enjoy wattage curve or TC curve, you are going to love this little mod. It’s an 80-watt little powerhouse that vapes really well. It has a tank on it that is very flavorful and aside from the coil longevity, this is a high-quality kit. The coil longevity is an easily solved problem. When you buy replacement coils, just buy Smok Baby Beast coils.


  • Simplified Menu System
  • Better Quality Coils

Unfortunately, this mod suffers from the same fate as the original Revenger mod. There are just way too many clicks in order to access certain parts of the menu. So many clicks that it’s absolutely ridiculous, especially for a four button mod. When you add an extra button, that should significantly cut down on the amount of clicks you have to do in order to access certain parts of the menu. That is not the case with this mod or the original Revenger. It’s too bad, I know a lot of people gave Vaporesso that feedback and they still brought this mod to market with the same type of menu system. I wish they would have listened to their customers.

Another thing that they haven’t listened to is the fact that their coils are just not that great. They’re okay, but when you compare them to other coils in the same subcategory, they are a bit under par. They definitely need to tighten up the QC on their coils. Maybe do something a little different, or use some other type of material but the way they are right now, they just don’t last long and the flavor is not as good as some of its competition in this category.


Most of you that read my reviews know that I am a resident of New York City. Because of that, I tend to commute a lot and take a lot of public transit. I like little setups like this that I can put in my pocket and quickly vape while I am between buses or trains. For that type of setup, this is a nice little kit. I have used it as my commuter mod for quite some time now and I have to say that I really like it. It is also a very competent backup setup. You can easily slip it into your pocket and keep it as a backup mod should you be away from home longer than expected, you can always pull it out of your pocket and vape on if your main mod runs out of battery life. I use it on those occasions as well. It’s also great for a beginner. The reason it’s great for a beginner is because it has a Smart VW mode. You can screw on a new atomizer and the mod will automatically give you a suggested wattage according to the resistance of your coil. That is just a fantastic feature for newbies who don’t know where the start. It’s a little bit of a complicated menu system in order to access all the bells and whistles but if you just want to put your tank on and vape, it’s a great system.

I would definitely recommend this mod to anyone looking for a solid performing, single 18650 mod. It comes with a good tank even if the coils are not the greatest. Like I said before, that’s an easily solved problem because the tank is compatible with plenty of other coil systems. When you buy new coils, you can just go to another manufacturer. There are plenty of companies that make Baby Beast compatible coils. If you are looking for a stealthy little powerhouse mod with a really good tank and nice build quality, definitely take a look at the Vaporesso Swag. If you like that Pico, Baby Alien look but you want better performance, this mod will out perform them both. Definitely the best battery cap exposed, single 18650 mod, on the market right now.

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Vaporesso Swag 80W Starter Kit

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