Teslacigs Invader 4X Vape Kit Review

Recently, it is less and less common on the shelves of vape shops (including virtual ones) to meet the classic varivolts, which at one time were the most popular among vapers. They were replaced by simpler and more functional options, but this does not mean that the device format itself is forgotten, since from time to time well-known manufacturers release new items of this kind. One of the legendary devices in this class was the varivat from the well-known Chinese company Teslacigs – Invader, which is no longer produced by the Chinese in its original form. The company has already released several devices from this series and the last of them is the Teslacigs Invader 4X Vape Kit – still the same version, but already in a plastic case, light and slightly resembling its ancestor. It’s hard to say whether this starter kit is worthy of the proud name Invader,

General information

Teslacigs Invader 4X Vape Kit is a starter kit consisting of a two-battery option with the ability to change the operating voltage, and an easy-to-use double-helix drip that will allow you to get enough taste and pile. The Invader 4X box mod somewhat resembles its predecessors, but it is made of plastic, which makes it easier and more practical. Dripka, which is equipped with a starter kit, does not differ by innovative technologies, but at the same time it is easy to maintain and use and allows you to get quite a decent taste and bulk. Teslacigs offers this starter kit in four colors – black, blue, red and white.

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We should pay tribute to the company Teslacigs, which is always trying to adequately complete their devices, and especially the start kits. Therefore, in a fairly simple and unobtrusive white box, the vaper waits for:

  • Varivatt Invader 4X mod;
  • Dip atomizer Invader 4X RDA;
  • Spare screws;
  • Spare Oringas;
  • Hexagon;
  • Two prewound spirals;
  • Cotton;
  • USB charging cable;
  • User’s manual;
  • Certificate of originality.

You can honestly say that there is a box so that you can assemble a device right after unpacking and begin to soar.

Varivatt Invader 4X mod

Immediately, you will have to upset those lovers of the good old Invader, made of aluminum alloy and resembling a tin box of an army type, that the Invader 4X mod resembles its name only. Why did Teslacigs decide to move away from a bit of a brutal and crude concept of options? This is a million question. But the fact remains that the Invader 4X mod is made of plastic. There is, of course, a significant plus in this – it weighs only 75.5 grams without batteries, which in its own way can not but rejoice, since it is no longer a problem to carry it in your pocket. In this case, it is worth paying tribute to the manufacturer regarding ergonomics – the device turned out to be compact and convenient to use. The fitting diameter of the device is 25 mm, so there will be no problems with the selection and installation of the rip instead of the complete one.

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Invader 4X mod is a fairly traditional varivolt, which is controlled by a potentiometer located at the bottom of one of the side edges. In this version, the vaper itself can also control the voltage applied to the coil, within 3-8 Volts. The minimum resistance with which the mod is capable of working is 0.08 ohms, which is quite enough for many vapers. At the same time, the device is equipped with all the protections necessary for safe and stable operation.

The device is designed for a maximum power of 280 watts, provided by two 18650 batteries, although for such an indicator of power, clearly two batteries will not be enough. The installation of batteries is done by removing one of the side panels, held with fairly strong magnets. If necessary, batteries can be charged with a current of 2A using the micro-USB connector located on the side opposite to the battery compartment.

Dip atomizer Invader 4X RDA

Drip atomizer Invader 4X RDA in its construction very much resembles Mad Dog 2 from Desire, and it cannot be said that this is bad, since the drip can be safely attributed to a stable middle class.

The base in dripke is two-column with holes for the installation of two spirals. Fastening spirals made from the top, which is very convenient and practical. Blowing the bottom-side, allowing you to get quite decent taste transfer and bulk. The bath is deep enough, containing 1.2 ml of liquid, which is a normal indicator for a drip of this class.

Conclusions and impressions

Despite the fact that the Teslacigs Invader 4X Vape Kit is “not the same”, the starter kit will definitely interest many, because even with a plastic case it has all the same functionality. The Teslacigs Invader 4X Vape Kit is a simple and seemingly uncomplicated set, but it will allow the vaper, who prefers to use the varivolt instead of the varivatt, to get rather high performance indicators.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • A slight gap in the battery compartment;
  • Inflated power ratings;
  • Very simple complete dripka.


  • Rich equipment;
  • Low weight;
  • Good ergonomics;
  • Voltage range 3-8 volts;
  • Ease of use and maintenance;
  • Possibility of charging;
  • Decent taste and transfer rates.

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