ThunderHead Creation Tauren One RTA-From Drip to Tanks

Finally, we have really interesting news – there are so few of them lately) Probably, heeding the wishes of its fans, THC released a single-spiral tank, based on its past developments. Without unnecessary snot familiar.

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

Case material: stainless steel 
Atomizer type: RTA 
Capacity: 2 / 4.5ml 
Diameter: 24mm 
Height: 41mm with Drip type 
Connector: 510, pin gold-plated 
Weight: unknown 
Color: see photo below 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

contents – Tauren One RTA 
– key -hex 
– screwdriver 
– spare oring
– spare screws 
– spare “glass” 
– user manual 
– carrying bag with key ring 
– aluminum “box” with stand 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

Appearance is quite neat, the design is made in a corporate style, therefore, our visitor does not have to be recognizable. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

We should also mention the dimensions – the tank is quite compact. I suppose fans of the brand will certainly appreciate this fact. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

From the start, the developers offer six design options at once – not bad. In this regard, the manufacturer has never had problems – there are not any now. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

Drip type is made of ultem, branded hoop at the base, landing 810th. The cover on the screw fixation, the thread is not long, there are risks. Under it a decent size filling holes.

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ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

The capacity is small, but the reviewers have already “shown” that in fact it is one and a half times as large as it was declared. In addition, the bundle includes a bubble “glass”, made for some reason from plastic, which will increase the capacity to 4.5 ml. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

By the way, the novelty comes in an aluminum cylinder, the base of which is a stand for atomizers with a 510th connector. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...
ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

Deca brand admirers should be familiar even by touch. This is a complete copy of Tauren Solo RDA . 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

Literally a few words about it – the deck is deck-free, designed for fixing one helix, and wound in any direction. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

For blowing here there is still a sieve of 28 holes in the answer. Half of them blow a spiral from below, the remainder is equally divided on the sides.

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

Places for cotton left decently, limiters are available. In addition, on the walls of the “mines” for cotton, special grooves are made to better feed with liquid. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

The adjustment of the blower is implemented in a standard way – a rotating ring with risks. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

Pin is gilded and stands out enough. 

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

Price $38.8

ThunderHead Creations Tauren One RTA - From Drip to Tanks ...

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Now It’s Available:  ThunderHead Creation Tauren One RTA
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Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA – DIY fun

Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA Case material: stainless steel Atomizer type: RTA Capacity: 2 ml Diameter: 23 / 23.5mm maximum Height: 56mm with Drip type / 43mm without Drip type Connector: 510, pin gold-plated Weight:74.5g Color: see photo below Options – Expromizer V4 MTL RTA – Screwdriver – Spare Orings

– spare screws 
– spare glass 
– extra tip Drip type 
– User Guide I have to say – this is my first acquaintance with the brand firsthand, therefore, no comparisons with previous versions of me do not wait – is not competent. Well, almost no) The exterior of our hero in a European way is prim and neat, I quite liked him. Moreover, I was pleased with the fact that the 4th version has become much more pleasant to the eye and hand than the “square-angled” predecessors. The edges are rounded, there are almost no sharp and protruding parts – in a word the impromiser “looked like a man”, but did not lose the brutal and “truculent” bow.

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About the dimensions should be said separately – the device is not small, comparable to about the second siren. And fans of the brand should just jump for joy – after all, it is less than the third version, even in the 2-ml performance almost by a centimeter, not to mention the 4-ml. Since all the parts are metal, and, moreover, massive, the weight is also decent. Drip type is made of metal, a plastic tip is threaded. Landing 510th, and there is a small take-off on the cover – its diameter is 13mm. The inner hole is about 2mm with a penny. In work, he is quite good, but he will water you with condensate, and regularly and not slowly – this is definitely a minus. In order to somehow smooth the impression, the developers put a replaceable pill of a dolrin in a dark color in a box.

The lid on the threaded connection, will have to twist a little, and get into the thread comfortably. But! The risks are very smooth. And the thickness of the cover is small – almost nothing to grab. Therefore, it is not necessary to twist it very tightly, later we will return to this point. Holes for refueling are sufficient. They are recessed below the sides, I do not squeeze out outside – all good.

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Below we stumble on the tightening adjustment ring with a stopper. The risks are also very smooth, and the origings are very dense. Therefore, the adjustment of the blower is a painstaking and labor-intensive matter, and we will return to this point later too. In total there are six air intake holes, but they are very small. Therefore, at the output, even on all open holes, we obtain a tight pull. It is comparable, for example, with the second largest single hole in the second siren. While one open slightly tighter penultimate hole on the siren. In short, the tightness of the tight – it is for those who like to glue the cheeks.

The capacity for such a bandura is very small, and in my case it will not be possible to increase it – the complete glass is exactly the same. You can not say about the other version – there it will increase it twice. By the way, a plastic “glass” in the tone of a pimple of a drip type is preset, but the spare one is glass. The dome, as you rightly guessed, is double – it’s still a non-spill construct, after all. The diameter of the mine is about 3mm, internal processing under the cone. The diameter of the evaporation chamber is approximately 13mm. In the lower part, eight nozzles of the air channel are visible – then the air travels through the channels inside the deck. And on the basis of the sidewall, decent saw cuts for supplying liquid to the cotton are visible, and this process is adjustable. It is worth staying in more detail.

Adjusting the feed is of course cool – you can shut it off while refueling or not using an atom, but this is not the case. And all because it is very free, no matter how I tighten the pin, the tank turns very easily. Moreover, this procedure can be done only with an atom twisted on a mod. As you may guess, in connection with this fact, the procedure for adjusting the tightening, unscrewing the tank cap, and unscrewing the tank itself from the mod is very difficult. Otherwise, it should be held behind glass or base, but even this will not help you in the last manipulation, therefore you will have to be content with a strong jerk. Thanks at least for the fact that the same constructive will not allow you to tighten the tank strongly on the mod. Deca looks very simple and simple.

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In total there are two racks (5.5mm distance between them) for correct fixation of only one spiral, wound in any direction. Screws are figured, spare ones are similar, there are boards on both sides of them and they are not high – this is good. On the outside of the sides of the saw cut, for bending the legs of the spiral during fixation. It seems that everything is clear, but there is a nuance – racks less than one-millimeter rise above the airflow. Therefore, to search for TX, you will have to lift a spiral very high, making its legs in the manner of a gable roof. Well, oh well – this is not very critical, although admitting for MTL is rather strange.

As a blowing nozzle at the bottom, its diameter is a millimeter with a small one. There is plenty of space for wadding, you can not even comb it after installation. Limiters are available, they also made three holes on each side – the latter is smaller. It is through them that the feed is adjusted. For a 50/50 liquid, even the smallest hole is enough, but I was more comfortable with two. There can be no talk of zhizhelovodaniya – everything is clear, and I did not overflow.

Well, below will be a “sheet” about the taste transfer. There is a taste here, it is good, but I must admit, he was not impressed. Perhaps, in advance, I tuned in that such an “eminent” brand simply must be, if not a reference, then at least cool. But alas, it is not. I would call it an average – here I want to note that I, too, refer to the Beers as an average for this indicator. But our hero still overtakes them noticeably. And yet, whatever one may say, he does not reach, as for me, even to the level of the same frescia, not to mention the siren No. 2. As for the TX, here, too, is not quite “his day” – and I would also call TX the middle one, and with a downward slant. This is despite the fact that I decently pulled up a spiral over the blower. In defense, I want to add that the taste of the liquids I knew seemed much “softer”, probably the merit of quite a moderate level of TX.

Pin is gold plated and it is customizable, if you can call it that. Perhaps this is useful to someone. Impressions of use To begin with, I was pleased with the quality of performance – Oriing threads and the fact that the tank is fully collapsible. However, for such a sum, I was probably wasting my time in hoping to get a chic copy of the transfer of taste and the level of TX. Maybe this ultimately hindered me in my assessment, although I still don’t think so. I don’t exactly linger on this copy on the table, because it’s very massive, well, God bless it, it didn’t catch me exactly. And the saddest thing – it went around the less well-known, and most importantly, the competitors who were twice cheaper. Probably the most expressive of its advantages I would call the impenetrability and the ability to adjust the slush feed, even if it was made a little crooked.

Perhaps, I treated him too critically, but as it is, there are as many minuses as there are pluses. Therefore, it seems to me that the lot of this novelty is only “true fans” of the brand. Well, perhaps, even those who appreciate the quality of performance and a decent amount of parts into which the atomizer is disassembled) 

Price $ 44.9

  • Non-spill constructive
  • Workmanship
  • Existence of adjustment of zhizhepodach
  • “Good” taste transfer and “soft” taste
  • Fully collapsible
  • Design
  • Tight cigarette puff

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Now It’s Available :
Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA

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