Augvape V200 mod – they made a box mod like a Honda B18cR cylinder block

Augvape has become very popular thanks to a friend’s drip . About this dripka reviews took off probably all the bloggers in the field of vaping. 
And the engineers presented the electronic box-mod Augvape V200. A fashion tweak is a metal case that is styled to fit the cylinder head of a Honda car engine. Surely the emphasis in the creation of this device was placed on fans of this brand of car.


Comes mod in a plastic box that looks very presentable. Inside the box-mod, a branded USB cable that looks very nice, albeit a bit short, about 0.5 m, USER-manual (color, English language), card for participating in an inste party in Augvape.

Information for information

Augvape V200 mod is made of zinc alloy and is available in three colors: white, black (matte), red, has three modes of operation: varivat, mech mode – Bypass and another varivat mode – V Mode, raises the mode from 0.05 Ohm It works on two 18650 batteries and is capable of charging them with a current of 1.2 A.

Height: 90 mm 
Width: 45 mm 
Thickness: 29 mm 
Weight without batteries / with them: 165 g / 258.2 g

boxmodTechnical parameters:
Operating modes: varvatt / bypass / V Mode, 
Operating resistance: from 0.05 to 3 Ohms, 
Output power: from 5 to 200 W, 
Output voltage: from 0 to 8.4 V, 
Input voltage: from 6 to 8.4 V, 
Battery charging current: 1.2 A

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Located on top of the steel connector. The positive pin is gilded and has a tight turn, which will have a good effect on contacts with the atomizer or drip. The half-millimeter connector platform rises above the main body part and thus the paint on the body will not scratch and peel off. You can wind the atomizer up to 30 mm due to the central location of the connector and a large area of ​​landing.

The body is metal, painted with matte paint. Fingerprints remain in the black version. On the red and white this was not observed. 
Parts of the case are connected with screws. The main part of the mod has a monochrome display, the size of 0.96 inches.

Fire button stylized display, slightly toned. The contact area of ​​fire is approximately 12 mm by 12 mm. Under the button there is an LED that starts to burn only at the moment of pressing and during the day it is not visible at all, only in the dark of the day. 
Next to the “Start” button there is a wheel, which acts as the “minus” and “plus” buttons. 
There is also a port for connecting a USB cable.

At the bottom there is a battery compartment lid that walks a little on the hinges, but closes adequately, did not open itself during the tests. 
The lid has a battery label and polarity. Also implemented charge balance system.

Mode Control and Modes

The mode turns on after the fire button is pressed 5 times. The combination of the fire and minus buttons locks the wheel, while the fire continues to work. 
On the display all the necessary information: voltage, winding resistance, current, battery capacity.

By and large, in the boxing mode there are essentially 2 main modes: varivatt and Bypass. V Mode is also a variation and there is not much difference with the usual variation. 
The mod does an excellent job with resistance of 0.05 ohms, so there should not be any problems in burning the spiral. 
The board works very quickly after clicking on the fire. 
The modic is charging for a long time, since the charging current is only 1.2 A. At the same time, the long process of charging the batteries is beneficial for their lifespan upwards.

Overall impression

The device turned out to be interesting, the board works adequately. There are no thermal monitoring modes and therefore some such vap will not enter. In general, there are no complaints about the operation of the device. The only point is to the size of the mod. Thickness and width – everything is fine here and it’s nice to hold it in your hand. However, the V200 is tall. With atoms such as Griffin AIO or the popular TFV12 and TFV12 Prince, the bond will be very long. And so all is well.

Now It’s Available :

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