Rincoe Manto Mini Kit Review

If you’re looking for a simple to use, lightweight and above all crazy cheap setup to get you started on your advanced vaping journey, the Manto Mini all-in-one kit is definitely worth your consideration. You get a single 18650 unregulated mod that does however offer all the protections of a regulated device, as well as a very basic but decent RDA. It doesn’t really sound like a lot, but you can buy this kit for less than $25, which is less than most people spend on a sub-ohm tank.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W Kit $25.49 $29.99  15 % off 

A Look at the Contents

The Manto Mini comes in a yellow cardboard box with a picture of the included Manto Mini mod and Metis RDA on the front, and a list of contents, legal warnings and company information, on the back.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

Inside the box we have the colorful Manto Mini mod sitting snug in a Styrofoam holder next to the 24mm Metis RDA and a short micro-USB cable for charging. You also get a small bag of accessories for the atomizer (small screwdriver, some spare screws and o-rings) as well as a user manual, battery protection card and promotional leaflets.

Design and Build Quality

The Rincoe Manto Mini is designed to be compact and lightweight. And when I say lightweight, I mean light as a feather. To be honest, the first time I pulled it out of the packaging, I though the company had messed up and send me a simple mockup instead of a functioning vape mod. It turns out that this thing is made out of polycarbonate, a plastic-like material that’s not only incredibly light but very durable as well. Now, I didn’t really put it to the test, and I don’t suggest you do wither (unless you have $25 to burn, in which case, knock yourself and the mod out), but I understand that the Manto Mini is shockproof and can handle some punishment.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

The Manto Mini measures only 80mm x 41mm x 25mm, which is really compact, even for a single 18650 vape mod. The polycarbonate has a rubberized finish that almost feels like resin to the touch and the mods come in a variety of paint finishes, from abstract designs to splatter patterns. It’s a cool look, to be honest, and a refreshing break from the classic color combinations.

At the top, we have a standard 510 connection featuring a spring-loaded, gold-plated pin. The conection isn’t centered but that wouldn’t have made much difference, because the mod is only 25mm wide so any atomizer with a larger diameter than that would have given you some overhang. This way, however, the most you can get away with is 24mm.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

On the front side of the Manto Mini we have a shield-shaped plastic fire button with a small LED light embedded in it, and a micro-USB port for charging, near the bottom. On the opposite side, we have a magnetic battery door held in place by two pairs of very powerful magnets. The plastic feel of the battery door doesn’t really scream quality, but this is one of the sturdiest magnetic doors I’ve ever seen. Once it snaps into place, it requires some serious force to detach and there’s no rattling whatsoever.

The battery compartment is nice and clean, features clear polarity symbols, as well as a textile ribbon to help you take out the battery easier. The one thing I don’t like about the battery compartment is the pair of extra large venting slots on the side of the device. You can literally see the battery inside, or you can see right through the mod when a battery isn’t inserted, and it just isn’t a very good solution in my opinion. It looks unsafe, in my opinion. Let’s say you put this thing in your purse and something pointy and metallic touches the battery inside the mod. If the insulation is perfect, you should be ok, but if your wrapper is damaged or accidentally ripped by that metallic object, you have a serious problem. The battery door is supposed to insulate the battery inside the mod, and this one does a poor job of that.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

All in all, the Rincoe Manto Mini is a basic vape mod, with a lightweight if somewhat cheap-feeling body. But somehow, in this case that cheap feeling kind of makes sense because this really is a very cheap kit. So if that’s what you’re looking for, and it’s what you expect, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, the exposed battery can be a problem, and I highly recommend you always be care careful when storing the Manto Mini, making sure there’s nothing metallic that can come in contact with the battery.

Battery Life and Performance

The Manto Mini is powered by a single 18650 battery and depending on the resistance of your atomizer, it can output up to 90W of power. Ideally, this device would have been compatible with 20700 or even 21700 batteries, as this would have improved battery life quite a bit. One 18650 battery won’t last you very long, especially if you’re using a low resistance build in your atomizer, so I highly recommend taking a spare battery with you when you’re on the go.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

This is an unregulated device that pulls power straight from the battery. There’s no variable wattage/voltage to set and no options to tweak. You just push the fire button and it fires whatever voltage is left in the battery, like a mechanical mod. But this isn’t a mech. Even though there’s no display or adjustment buttons, the Manto Mini does have a built-in PCB albeit only for protections. In case of a short-circuit, overheating, low battery voltage or reverse battery polarity, the mod will cut off power to protect you. It’s basically the same system as in the Wismec Luxotic BF, a mechanical mod with built-in protections.

The Rincoe Manto Mini works with resistances ranging between 0.08Ω and 5Ω, anything below or over those values will cause the LED on the fire button to flash three times and the mod will not fire.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

Performance-wise, the Manto Mini mod is comparable to a mechanical mod. It’s a fast firing device, but because it pulls power straight from the battery, you tend to notice a drop in power as the voltage goes down. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the battery voltage dropping too low (under 3V) as the mod will cut off power for safety reasons.

The Metis RDA

The Rincoe Metis is a very basic RDA. In that regard it pairs really well with the Rincoe Manto Mini, which is a basic vape mod. It measures 24mm in diameter, features an 810 drip tip and a classic two-post build deck that’s most suitable for dual-builds. The two airflow slots on the side of the barrel are mirrored, so you can’t close one while leaving the other open. I personally would have liked a single-coil option, but again, you can’t really complain too much about a kit that costs under $25.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t the kind of RDA I’d use on a daily basis, because it’s so rudimentary, but it definitely works for someone just getting into drippers and advanced vaping setups. It doesn’t put out the best flavor, but you can chug some thick clouds with the right coil setup.

The Metis RDA isn’t the most advanced dripper money can buy, but it’s easy to build on, cheap and offers decent performance. What more can you ask for?

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit


The Rincoe Manto Mini has its issues. The polycarbonate body of the Manto Mini mod feels cheap, the battery venting slots are a lot bigger than they should be, and it lacks any kind of features. The Metis RDA is a bare-bone device as well, although it does get the job done. But despite all its flaws, it’s hard to ignore the incredibly attractive price point. This may not be the vaping setup of your dreams, but if you’re looking for something very cheap, lightweight and that works as intended, the Manto Mini is at least worth your consideration.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

The Manto Mini was sent to me directly by AVE40, for the purpose of this review.

Check it here: Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W Kit

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Tesla Punk 86w mech mod preview

Teslacigs Punk 86w Mod Preview

Recently Teslacigs just released a new device from the Punk Family — Teslacigs Punk 86W Mod. Now it’s available at AVE40.COM

It’s been a while since last one punk mod was released. Honestly speaking, Teslacig became famous and welcome since they had launched the first Punk mod which  special steam punk style caught people’s eyes, of course it also gets a bit lot of appreciation of their fans. But how about this new punk mod exactly? Will it be the next fashionable punk? Let’s see it now.

Teslacigs Punk 86W Mod has exquisite carving appearance which shows classic vaping times, it can call back vapers’original vaping experience. The Punk Mech mod is powered by single 18650 battery and is capable of 86W output. It is equipped with 0.49″ OLED screen, you can read the data clearly. With the most outstanding classic punk style design, Tesla Punk 86w Mod will match with your style and make you fashionable at the same time.

Look at these baby

Tesla Punk 86W VW MOD


Technical Data:
Size: 28x104mm
Material: Brass+SS
Cell Type: Single 18650 cell(discharge current should be above 40A)
Output Mode: P(Power) / B(By Pass) mode
Output Wattage: 7-86W(in 0.5W increments)
Max Output Voltage: 8.5V
Max Output Current: 30A
USB: 5V/1.0A
OLED Screen: 0.49″
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
Color: Antique Brass, Antique Copper, SS, Gunmetal

Tesla Punk 86W VW MOD

Now it’s available at our web store.

Click here to find it:Teslacigs Punk 86w Mod In Ave40

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Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit Review – Power Comes At A Price

Introduction: The Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit from Aspire

The Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit is the first Squonk device from the huge vape brand Aspire.aspire feedlink revvo components

The kit version includes the Aspire Feedlink squonk mod and the Revvo Boost tank.

The Feedlink mod is a semi-regulated device. There are no adjustments and it will only output the power of the battery – like a mechanical device. However there are some safety features which are not on a mechanical device:

  • 10 second fire cut off
  • Battery reverse protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Over heat protection
  • Battery level indicator light.

The mod requires a single 18650 battery which is not included and it outputs 3-4.2V depending on the charge state of the battery.

Inside the mod is the 7ml squonk bottle which when squeezed feeds the bottom feed Revvo Boost tank.

The Revvo Boost tank is basically the standard Aspire Revvo tank but with a bottom feed 510 pin.

The tank uses the new style flat radial coils and has a 2ml capacity chamber too.

There are 5 colour versions available – Silver, Black/Blue, Gunmetal/Chrome, Silver/Sunset Red and Black/Nightsky.aspire feedlink revvo kit colours

I have been excited to get this beauty fired up – especially the Revvo boost tank! I struggle with my hands so not always up to building RDA’s and there are not many with stock coil heads which are also bottom feed.

What’s In The Box

  • Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod
  • Aspire Revvo Boost tank
  • 2x ARC Coils
  • Spare glass
  • O-rings
  • User manual

feedlink revvo kit contents


Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod Specs

  • Size: 87x48x30mm
  • Battery: 1×18650
  • Semi regulated mod
  • Squonk bottle capacity: 7ml
  • Output voltage: 3-4.2V
  • Battery indicator light

aspire feedlink revvo kit specs

Aspire Revvo Boost Tank Specs

  • Size: 24x41mm (2ml version), 24x45mm (3.6ml version)
  • Capacity: 2ml (EU) or 3.6ml (Standard)
  • Bottom feed squonk pin
  • Adjustable airflow
  • ARC radial coil heads

Build Quality & Design

This is an absolutely stunning kit it really is. Together the match of the tank and mod is just beautiful. It has a real industrial rugged feel to it in the Gunmetal version I received whilst still being pleasing to the eye.feedlink kit in hand

Sadly though the tank is a slightly wider diameter than the mod resulting in a slight but noticeable overhang – which is very very sad.feedlink kit size comparison

Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod

So to look at this it reminds you of the handle of a gun or some kind of hard-ass tool. The handle of a massive logger’s saw or something.aspire squonk kit

The side panels on mine are metal and in a darker colour than the mod body. They have a textured feel with “Aspire” branding set into them. Both sides of the mod look exactly the same so perfect for left or right hand use.feedlink revvo top view

On the top of the mod is a sturdy 510 connector but the size of tank you can use on this is limited – as stated above the supplied Revvo Boost even overhangs a bit. So really 23mm diameter is about the maximum size without overhang. However the side panels of the mod do extend beyond that to take the whole width to 30mm but you can see the overhang.revvo boost overhang

Also on the top is the fire button. This is a textured pivoted button which feels a bit sloppy but doesn’t rattle and always responds perfectly. Behind that is a light which changes colour for battery life and also illuminates for various other functions.revvo boost on feedlink

The squonk bottle and battery are inserted from the base via removable caps.feedlink squonk battery caps

The squonk bottle cap has a latch so you only need to turn it 45° and it opens. The battery cap however is fully threaded and is a pig to grip and takes forever to screw and unscrew with a long threading portion.

The squonk bottle is nice and soft but doesn’t always return to its shape straight away – it can take a few seconds to suck back. It is also quite darkly tinted which I don’t like.feedlink view squonk side

Aspire Revvo Boost Tank

This is a really pretty tank to be honest. The mixture of black plastic and metal to match the colour of the mod body make this look lovely.

The small glass portion of the tank is super easy to see through.aspire revvo boost tank

The airflow adjustment on the top is really smooth and easy but you do have to look closely to see what setting you have it in as it’s not always obvious.

The top cap includes the drip tip so it doesn’t appear to be replaceable.

Just like the mod the build quality is superb and it feels and looks so well made.

How Does the Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit Perform?

Basic operation

  • Press the fire button 5 times quickly to turn on or off.
  • Press the fire button to vape
  • Squeeze the bottle to fill the tank

The battery capacity remaining is indicated on the light around the fire button.

  • 3.9-4.2V(50-100% capacity) = blue light
  • 3.5-3.8V (20-50%) = pink and blue light
  • Below 3.5V (0-20%) = pink light

feedlink battery indicator

The indicator light also illuminates when any of the following faults occur:

  • Flash 10 times when firing = fire button has been held down for over 10 seconds and firing will stop
  • Flash 2 or 3 times = short circuit
  • Orange light flashes 15 times = battery level too low to fire
  • Blue and Orange stays lit = mod temperature too high – over 75°C

How To Install The Battery

You are not able to charge the battery with it installed on the mod. You don’t even get a USB cable in the kit – so make sure you have a good brand external battery charger at hand and know all your vape battery safety.feedlink mod battery

  • Unscrew the battery cap on the base of the mod.
  • Install a 18650 battery with the positive end going into the mod and the negative end at the battery cap end.
  • Replace the battery cap.

Aspire Revvo Boost Tank

The tank is filled via the bottom feed squonk pin – simply squeeze the squonk bottle and watch the tank fill.

Whilst using if there is liquid in the tank you can tip the mod/tank over to splash more e-liquid onto the base of the coil.

You can adjust the airflow of the tank to your preference using the airflow control ring. More of the airflow slot exposed = more airflow and less exposed = restricted airflow.

One other thing to remember is although you can use the radial coils from the original Revvo tank – they are a slightly different resistance. The ones in the Revvo boost are 0.1-0.14ohm and the original ones are 0.1-0.16ohm as these were coupled with more powerful kits originally.

How To Fill The Aspire Feedlink Mod Squonk Bottle

Oh god this is sooo messy. Gripping the bottle to unscrew or screw on the top cap results in e-liquid weeing out the top so have plenty of tissues on standby.feedlink messy refill

  • Push the bottle securing cap in slightly and turn until the cap is released.
  • Pull the bottle from the mod.aspire feedlink squonk bottle
  • Unscrew the metal cap on the top of the bottle.squonk bottle cap removed feedlink
  • Fill the bottle to the level required.
  • Replace the bottle top cap.feedlink squonk bottle removed
  • Install the bottle into the mod.
  • Align the tabs on the bottle securing cap and turn to lock.

How To Change The Coil Head

  • Remove the tank from the mod.
  • Remove the top chamber from the tank.revvo boost top removed
  • Unscrew the coil retaining nut.radial coils and revvo boost
  • Pull the ARC coil from the tank.
  • Install a new coil and make sure it is aligned with the side of the tank.revvo boost coil installed
  • Replace the retaining nut.
  • Replace the top chamber.
  • Place the tank on the mod and fill using the squonk bottle.
  • Leave the tank to stand for a few minutes to prime the coil head.

Flavour & Cloud Production

This is a sub ohm tank so you will need high VG e-liquid.

I used one of my favourite IVG E-liquids the Blackcurrant millions which is 70% VG and I added nicotine to make it 6mg nicotine strength.

For an explanation of what VG and PG mean in regards to e-liquid read our handy guide.

The included coils are the radial ARC coils – the resistance can fluctuate but Aspire rate these at 0.1-0.14ohm and they are best at 70-80W.revvo boost arc coil

Aspire Revvo Boost Tank Performance

So after filling I left this for about 10 minutes to soak up the liquid from the tank. You can only fill this via the Squonk pin I think – I am unable to get the top cap off anyway!

Straight away this blew my head off!

I had to close the airflow down a lot as it is super fierce with the airflow fully open! Wowee!

The flavour is beautiful too – am so surprised with this – I wasn’t really sure about these radial coils but wow I am a convert.

I only got 1 dry hit which was when the squonk bottle level was low and it didn’t seem to push much liquid up into the tank – so you simply just tilt the whole thing to soak up the liquid in the tank section of the Revvo Boost.

You can also leave re-squonking until the tank is almost empty – initially I kept the tank portion quite full but as I have been using it I keep forgetting and it’s quite happy to have the tank level pretty low. Don’t let it run dry though or you will damage your coil and your lungs!

I tend to use this with the airflow almost closed as to me it feels so powerful. Having recently reviewed the Horizon Falcon and used that at 100W this still feels more powerful.

I am on my 9th day of coil use and it still tastes as good as the first day.

Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod Performance

In use it is comfortable, responsive and super powerful.

There is a battery life indicator – which although is difficult to see is very useful and as a bit of a novice I appreciate all the safety protections in something which performs and looks like a mech mod.

When the battery indicator light changed to the two colours (20-50% left) I felt the power weaken slightly. With a fully charged battery the vaping power almost blows your head off.

I thought this had a regulated power circuit (keeping the output stable despite battery power) but it is more like using a regulated mod but in by-pass mode. The output does drop as the battery level drops.

The biggest flaw of this whole kit is the battery life. It is quite frankly pretty terrible. As you can see below.

Battery Life

The battery life will depend on what batteries you are using, your vaping habits and also if you use a different tank or coil resistance.

This kit can be quite confusing when it comes to choosing a suitable battery. This is a semi-regulated device which has 0.1ohm coils and apparently can chuck out up to 80W. This means you need a pretty hefty battery to cope with that. In fact Aspire themselves state you need a battery capable of 35A output – which doesn’t exist.

I even asked the wonderful Mooch for his opinion and he was stumped and has contacted Aspire to see what battery they recommend.

Initially I used a Samsung 25R battery in here and got only 2 hours of vaping. This wasn’t my usual heavy vaping either as this blew my lungs out – so it was just regular vaping. The 25R is max 20A continuous output and 2500mAh capacity.

Beyond 1.5 hours the output was pretty weak anyway – which for most people would prompt them to swap for another battery.

After thinking some more we got some Sony VTC5A batteries thinking they might be more suitable being a 25A CDC (Continual Discharge Current) and 2500mah capacity.

With the VTC5A the output seemed slightly weaker – it wasn’t blowing my head off like with the 25R.

However the battery life was slightly better at 3 hours.


  • Such a stylish looking kit
  • Easy to change the coil for people with rubbish hands like me!
  • Easy to use with one hand – and fine for left or right hand use.
  • Rugged feeling solid mod
  • Beautiful flavour
  • Powerful mod
  • Suits tank perfectly
  • Full of safety features despite looking like a mech mod
  • No leaks in normal use (except over-squonking)
  • Responsive fire button
  • No rattles or wobbles


  • Appalling battery life – huge con!
  • Matching tank overhangs the mod slightly!
  • Hard to see the battery light when vaping – which is when it lights up!
  • Over-squonk and the liquid pours out of the top airflow holes
  • Can be messy to fill and replace squonk bottle
  • When level low in squonk bottle it pushes air into the tank and liquid out of the airflow holes!
  • Horrendous battery cap
  • Tinted squonk bottle makes it hard to see liquid level
  • Can only use designated squonk bottle

Final Review Verdict

When you are vaping on this it is just so perfect you almost forget the flaws it has.

I own a Wismec Luxotic and have paired that up with the Vandy Vape Maze tank. The Luxotic is a very similar device to the Feedlink and the Maze tank uses similar coils and has a similar capacity to the Revvo Boost – but I pick up the Aspire kit in preference now!

The epic performance however comes at a high price. Battery life is awful – really awful. I got around 2 hours of regular but not super heavy vaping from a Samsung 25R. After 1.5 hours the output was so poor it wasn’t really much use to vape on. Changing the battery for a Sony VTC5A improved the battery life slightly but the vaping experience was a bit weaker?

Sadly also there are quite a few design flaws…

I found the battery cap horrific, it’s hard to grip to turn and has about twelvety million threads on it so it takes forever to change the battery. When you couple this with how often you change the battery on this – it’s not good at all.

The squonk bottle is a unique design so sadly swapping it for another brand is not an option. It is too darkly tinted to see the level in all lights and it’s really messy to fill and replace. You end up squeezing it to replace the lid and when putting it in the mod – covering you and all your possessions in e-liquid. Well I am super clumsy though!

The looks of this kit are absolutely stunning but they are spoilt slightly by one silly oversight. If you have a matching tank for a mod and include it in the kit – try and make sure the tank doesn’t overhang on the mod it is designed for – bit silly that.

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Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit

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