Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA – DIY fun

Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA Case material: stainless steel Atomizer type: RTA Capacity: 2 ml Diameter: 23 / 23.5mm maximum Height: 56mm with Drip type / 43mm without Drip type Connector: 510, pin gold-plated Weight:74.5g Color: see photo below Options – Expromizer V4 MTL RTA – Screwdriver – Spare Orings

– spare screws 
– spare glass 
– extra tip Drip type 
– User Guide I have to say – this is my first acquaintance with the brand firsthand, therefore, no comparisons with previous versions of me do not wait – is not competent. Well, almost no) The exterior of our hero in a European way is prim and neat, I quite liked him. Moreover, I was pleased with the fact that the 4th version has become much more pleasant to the eye and hand than the “square-angled” predecessors. The edges are rounded, there are almost no sharp and protruding parts – in a word the impromiser “looked like a man”, but did not lose the brutal and “truculent” bow.

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About the dimensions should be said separately – the device is not small, comparable to about the second siren. And fans of the brand should just jump for joy – after all, it is less than the third version, even in the 2-ml performance almost by a centimeter, not to mention the 4-ml. Since all the parts are metal, and, moreover, massive, the weight is also decent. Drip type is made of metal, a plastic tip is threaded. Landing 510th, and there is a small take-off on the cover – its diameter is 13mm. The inner hole is about 2mm with a penny. In work, he is quite good, but he will water you with condensate, and regularly and not slowly – this is definitely a minus. In order to somehow smooth the impression, the developers put a replaceable pill of a dolrin in a dark color in a box.

The lid on the threaded connection, will have to twist a little, and get into the thread comfortably. But! The risks are very smooth. And the thickness of the cover is small – almost nothing to grab. Therefore, it is not necessary to twist it very tightly, later we will return to this point. Holes for refueling are sufficient. They are recessed below the sides, I do not squeeze out outside – all good.

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Below we stumble on the tightening adjustment ring with a stopper. The risks are also very smooth, and the origings are very dense. Therefore, the adjustment of the blower is a painstaking and labor-intensive matter, and we will return to this point later too. In total there are six air intake holes, but they are very small. Therefore, at the output, even on all open holes, we obtain a tight pull. It is comparable, for example, with the second largest single hole in the second siren. While one open slightly tighter penultimate hole on the siren. In short, the tightness of the tight – it is for those who like to glue the cheeks.

The capacity for such a bandura is very small, and in my case it will not be possible to increase it – the complete glass is exactly the same. You can not say about the other version – there it will increase it twice. By the way, a plastic “glass” in the tone of a pimple of a drip type is preset, but the spare one is glass. The dome, as you rightly guessed, is double – it’s still a non-spill construct, after all. The diameter of the mine is about 3mm, internal processing under the cone. The diameter of the evaporation chamber is approximately 13mm. In the lower part, eight nozzles of the air channel are visible – then the air travels through the channels inside the deck. And on the basis of the sidewall, decent saw cuts for supplying liquid to the cotton are visible, and this process is adjustable. It is worth staying in more detail.

Adjusting the feed is of course cool – you can shut it off while refueling or not using an atom, but this is not the case. And all because it is very free, no matter how I tighten the pin, the tank turns very easily. Moreover, this procedure can be done only with an atom twisted on a mod. As you may guess, in connection with this fact, the procedure for adjusting the tightening, unscrewing the tank cap, and unscrewing the tank itself from the mod is very difficult. Otherwise, it should be held behind glass or base, but even this will not help you in the last manipulation, therefore you will have to be content with a strong jerk. Thanks at least for the fact that the same constructive will not allow you to tighten the tank strongly on the mod. Deca looks very simple and simple.

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In total there are two racks (5.5mm distance between them) for correct fixation of only one spiral, wound in any direction. Screws are figured, spare ones are similar, there are boards on both sides of them and they are not high – this is good. On the outside of the sides of the saw cut, for bending the legs of the spiral during fixation. It seems that everything is clear, but there is a nuance – racks less than one-millimeter rise above the airflow. Therefore, to search for TX, you will have to lift a spiral very high, making its legs in the manner of a gable roof. Well, oh well – this is not very critical, although admitting for MTL is rather strange.

As a blowing nozzle at the bottom, its diameter is a millimeter with a small one. There is plenty of space for wadding, you can not even comb it after installation. Limiters are available, they also made three holes on each side – the latter is smaller. It is through them that the feed is adjusted. For a 50/50 liquid, even the smallest hole is enough, but I was more comfortable with two. There can be no talk of zhizhelovodaniya – everything is clear, and I did not overflow.

Well, below will be a “sheet” about the taste transfer. There is a taste here, it is good, but I must admit, he was not impressed. Perhaps, in advance, I tuned in that such an “eminent” brand simply must be, if not a reference, then at least cool. But alas, it is not. I would call it an average – here I want to note that I, too, refer to the Beers as an average for this indicator. But our hero still overtakes them noticeably. And yet, whatever one may say, he does not reach, as for me, even to the level of the same frescia, not to mention the siren No. 2. As for the TX, here, too, is not quite “his day” – and I would also call TX the middle one, and with a downward slant. This is despite the fact that I decently pulled up a spiral over the blower. In defense, I want to add that the taste of the liquids I knew seemed much “softer”, probably the merit of quite a moderate level of TX.

Pin is gold plated and it is customizable, if you can call it that. Perhaps this is useful to someone. Impressions of use To begin with, I was pleased with the quality of performance – Oriing threads and the fact that the tank is fully collapsible. However, for such a sum, I was probably wasting my time in hoping to get a chic copy of the transfer of taste and the level of TX. Maybe this ultimately hindered me in my assessment, although I still don’t think so. I don’t exactly linger on this copy on the table, because it’s very massive, well, God bless it, it didn’t catch me exactly. And the saddest thing – it went around the less well-known, and most importantly, the competitors who were twice cheaper. Probably the most expressive of its advantages I would call the impenetrability and the ability to adjust the slush feed, even if it was made a little crooked.

Perhaps, I treated him too critically, but as it is, there are as many minuses as there are pluses. Therefore, it seems to me that the lot of this novelty is only “true fans” of the brand. Well, perhaps, even those who appreciate the quality of performance and a decent amount of parts into which the atomizer is disassembled) 

Price $ 44.9

  • Non-spill constructive
  • Workmanship
  • Existence of adjustment of zhizhepodach
  • “Good” taste transfer and “soft” taste
  • Fully collapsible
  • Design
  • Tight cigarette puff

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Exvape Expromizer V4 MTL RTA

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VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit Revierw

Already every day in a row, we start with a new product from VOOPOO. Yes, these guys are prepared for the last exhibition, perhaps more fiercely than all manufacturers. Again, the new device belongs to the AIO segment. Looking ahead, I will say that it doesn’t carry anything supernatural in itself – so is an ordinary device, but it’s not without an interesting moment. 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

Dimensions: 85.7 x 28.8 x 12.4mm 
Weight: 30g 
Case material: aluminum alloy + plastic 
Power: built-in 420mAh 
Cartridge capacity: 1.8ml 
Evaporator resistance: 1.6Ω 
Output power: 6 – 12W 
Voltage range: 3.2 – 4.2V 
Operation mode:POWER (thermo control mode) 
Protection: from low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharge / overdischarge 
Connector type: magnetic 
Screen / diagonal: no 
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 0.35A 
Color: see photo below 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

– Find S mod 
– replaceable cartridge (preinstalled) 
– USB cable 
– user manual 
– warranty card 
– chip certificate

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

The appearance of the device is pretty neat, the form factor is convenient, the dimensions are small – ergonomics and stealth should be expected decent. The decor again rules the contrast of colors – this time, the developers have divided the device with a vertical line. And what really is different.) 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

The manufacturer did not stint with the assortment of color design, and he presented six options right from the start – here you’re not a smoldering classic, and bright spots for the coming summer season. 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

Cartridge medium capacity, it will refuel the side. However, this does not mean that it will be possible to do this without extracting it directly from the mod. A silicone plug seals the causative hole. The resistance of the built-in evaporator is also average.

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

The main body is equipped with a built-in battery of a very small capacity. A full charge cycle takes just over one hour, the causal connector is placed on the bottom of the device. 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

There are no buttons for a fayer on the body of a mod, hence the conclusion – it is activated by tightening. But there is the smallest “baby” LED indicator, it will inform its owner about the remnants of the “vitality” of the battery. 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

All this farm is managed by a new, but already familiar to you, chipset. By the way, the device has implemented the functionality of “thermal monitoring”, therefore, the developers promise life without Garik. 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

I have not yet met an adequate price tag, because the novelty has not yet laid down on the shelves of online shopping sites. 

VOOPOO Find S Pod Kit - for a change ...

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Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit – Including Fireluke 2 Mesh Tank – Lets Get Twisty

Introduction: Twister Kit by Freemax

The Freemax Twister kit is the latest release from Freemax. The Twister comes with a very respectable inbuilt 2300mAh battery and offers 80W variable wattage. Sitting atop the Twister is the new Fireluke 2 Tank.

The Freemax Twister is an excellent size, lightweight and portable and a great starter kit for beginners or a great carry round for established Vapers alike.

I received the Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit in Red from AVE40.COM but the kit does come in various other designs and colours.

Freemax Twister Colours

The Twister Kit was sent to me for the purposes of review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

What’s in the Box?

  • Freemax Twister 80W Mod
  • Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank
  • X2 Mesh Coil 0.2 ohm 40-80W pre-installed
  • X1 Mesh Coil 0.15 ohm 40-90W spare
  • 5ml Bubble Pyrex Glass
  • Spare O Rings
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warning/Safety Card
  • Warranty Card
Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit


Freemax Twister mods

  • Product Size: 7 x 101.6mm
  • Battery: 2300 mAh (Internal)
  • Output Wattage: 5 – 80 Watts
  • Output Voltage: 0.5 – 9 Volts
  • Output Current Range: 1.0A – 30A
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3.0 ohm
  • Wattage Adjustment: Twist the base of the device

Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank

  • Height: 47.8mm
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • X2 Mesh Coil 0.2 ohm 40-80W pre-installed
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Slide across top fill
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Gold Plated 510 pin
  • Driptip: 810

Design and Build Quality

Freemax Twister 80W Mod

I absolutely love the design of the Freemax Twister. Admittedly, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the retro 90’s look, for me, is a refreshing style to hit the shelves at the beginning of 2019.

Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit

The build quality is excellent, the finish is superb. No rattles or loose parts to be seen or heard. The kit is really lightweight and portable and sits in the hand with ease with the size makes for easy carrying in your pocket or bag.

One thing I will mention, though this can’t be found out with a one or two week test, is the sturdiness of the “Twister” wattage changer sitting at the bottom of the device. After all, that is going to take the brunt of the knocks and is on the base where you sit the device down.

The device itself is finished very nicely, no sharp corners or awkward protruding edges and not a hint of a rattle anywhere.

Fire Button

The fire button on this device is ideally placed to be used with either the finger or the thumb. 

Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit

You press the button to instantly fire the device and five quick presses powers on and off the device.

Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank

I haven’t, until recently, been a user of stock coil Tanks. I have always used rebuildable RTA’s as that’s where you would get all the flavour. That is, until I got a Freemax Mesh Pro Tank. Stock coils have certainly come a long way in the last year or so.

The Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank certainly doesn’t disappoint in flavour or the looks department as it matches seamlessly with the Freemax Twister battery.

Changing the Coil

To insert the coil into the tank, simply screw in the coil to the bottom part of the Tank, put the Glass over the bottom section then simply screw the top part of the tank down.

Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit

How To Fill The Fireluke 2 Tank

Filling the Fireluke 2 Tank couldn’t be simpler.

  • Push back the top cover at the red dot until the cap goes back no further.
  • You will be met by a sizeable slot to put your e-liquid in.
  • Close up the top cover.
Filling the Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank

Freemax Twister 80W

Freemax Twister 80W

So, the Freemax Twister 80W is a tube Mod. A tube mod with an inbuilt 2300mAh battery and marketed as a starter kit.

Boy, I wish there were starter kits out there like this when I switched from cigarettes to vaping, life would have been so much easier. New vapers today have a huge selection of kits to start off with and the Freemax Twister would be right up there at the top of the pile for me.

The design is excellent with a huge retro look that could have been pulled right out of the 90’s. It’s slim and lightweight and has enough power from the internal battery to last a good 8 to 10 hours depending on how you vape.

Some people will say that they don’t like the design. Some people will probably come out and say this is aimed at “younger” vapers. Everyone is different and everyone will have an opinion, after all, that’s what makes the world such a brighter place.

I for one love it and I can tell you, I’m no youth coming up to 50 years old.

How does the Freemax Twister Kit Perform?

Well, upon receiving this kit I was really looking forward to using it. The kit had everything a new vaper needed. A simple mod with no screen, no temperature controlor other menu settings to have to rifle through and change.

Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit

An updated Fireluke 2 Tank. How could they beat the original Fireluke Mesh Tank that Michelle loved so much and one that got a 9.9 rating?

Well, let me tell you, the Fireluke 2 is a 10/10 every day and I believe they have addressed some of the downfalls of the original. No longer do you have to wait for the coil to prime.

Although I wouldn’t recommend you put your e-liquid in the tank and start vaping from the off, certainly after a minute it is ready to go.

The kit as a whole performs very well indeed.

Changing your wattage could not be easier. A simple twist in either direction and it’s changed. You can choose from 5-80W.

This kit is a new vapers dream. Saying that, this is also a superb kit for the discerning vaper out there.

Flavour and Vapour Production

I won’t beat about the bush with this section of the review. The flavour from this tank is a 10/10 for a stock coil tank. Testing this against some of my rebuildable RTA’s matches and in some cases, beats them. As for cloud, you aren’t going to win a cloud comp with it but you get a decent vapor production from the Fireluke 2 tank.

I used the pre-installed X2 Mesh Coil and it was still going strong after 3 weeks.


  • Great build quality
  • Top Notch Flavour
  • Ease of use
  • Quick firing Mod
  • Pocketable Size
  • Good Battery Life


  • Questionable longevity of the Wattage Twister (Subjective)

My Final Thoughts

I have really enjoyed my time testing out the Freemax Twister Kit. Although I wouldn’t solely put this kit down to starters. I’m sure even some hardened vapers out there will want to have this kit in their arsenal. There isn’t any reason you shouldn’t go out and buy this kit.

My only real concern would be the Wattage Twister/Selector at the bottom of the device although in the time I have tested the device I haven’t had a problem at all and it feels very sturdy. Only time will tell if this remains the fact after a few months usage.

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Rincoe Manto Mini Kit Review

If you’re looking for a simple to use, lightweight and above all crazy cheap setup to get you started on your advanced vaping journey, the Manto Mini all-in-one kit is definitely worth your consideration. You get a single 18650 unregulated mod that does however offer all the protections of a regulated device, as well as a very basic but decent RDA. It doesn’t really sound like a lot, but you can buy this kit for less than $25, which is less than most people spend on a sub-ohm tank.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W Kit $25.49 $29.99  15 % off 

A Look at the Contents

The Manto Mini comes in a yellow cardboard box with a picture of the included Manto Mini mod and Metis RDA on the front, and a list of contents, legal warnings and company information, on the back.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

Inside the box we have the colorful Manto Mini mod sitting snug in a Styrofoam holder next to the 24mm Metis RDA and a short micro-USB cable for charging. You also get a small bag of accessories for the atomizer (small screwdriver, some spare screws and o-rings) as well as a user manual, battery protection card and promotional leaflets.

Design and Build Quality

The Rincoe Manto Mini is designed to be compact and lightweight. And when I say lightweight, I mean light as a feather. To be honest, the first time I pulled it out of the packaging, I though the company had messed up and send me a simple mockup instead of a functioning vape mod. It turns out that this thing is made out of polycarbonate, a plastic-like material that’s not only incredibly light but very durable as well. Now, I didn’t really put it to the test, and I don’t suggest you do wither (unless you have $25 to burn, in which case, knock yourself and the mod out), but I understand that the Manto Mini is shockproof and can handle some punishment.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

The Manto Mini measures only 80mm x 41mm x 25mm, which is really compact, even for a single 18650 vape mod. The polycarbonate has a rubberized finish that almost feels like resin to the touch and the mods come in a variety of paint finishes, from abstract designs to splatter patterns. It’s a cool look, to be honest, and a refreshing break from the classic color combinations.

At the top, we have a standard 510 connection featuring a spring-loaded, gold-plated pin. The conection isn’t centered but that wouldn’t have made much difference, because the mod is only 25mm wide so any atomizer with a larger diameter than that would have given you some overhang. This way, however, the most you can get away with is 24mm.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

On the front side of the Manto Mini we have a shield-shaped plastic fire button with a small LED light embedded in it, and a micro-USB port for charging, near the bottom. On the opposite side, we have a magnetic battery door held in place by two pairs of very powerful magnets. The plastic feel of the battery door doesn’t really scream quality, but this is one of the sturdiest magnetic doors I’ve ever seen. Once it snaps into place, it requires some serious force to detach and there’s no rattling whatsoever.

The battery compartment is nice and clean, features clear polarity symbols, as well as a textile ribbon to help you take out the battery easier. The one thing I don’t like about the battery compartment is the pair of extra large venting slots on the side of the device. You can literally see the battery inside, or you can see right through the mod when a battery isn’t inserted, and it just isn’t a very good solution in my opinion. It looks unsafe, in my opinion. Let’s say you put this thing in your purse and something pointy and metallic touches the battery inside the mod. If the insulation is perfect, you should be ok, but if your wrapper is damaged or accidentally ripped by that metallic object, you have a serious problem. The battery door is supposed to insulate the battery inside the mod, and this one does a poor job of that.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

All in all, the Rincoe Manto Mini is a basic vape mod, with a lightweight if somewhat cheap-feeling body. But somehow, in this case that cheap feeling kind of makes sense because this really is a very cheap kit. So if that’s what you’re looking for, and it’s what you expect, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, the exposed battery can be a problem, and I highly recommend you always be care careful when storing the Manto Mini, making sure there’s nothing metallic that can come in contact with the battery.

Battery Life and Performance

The Manto Mini is powered by a single 18650 battery and depending on the resistance of your atomizer, it can output up to 90W of power. Ideally, this device would have been compatible with 20700 or even 21700 batteries, as this would have improved battery life quite a bit. One 18650 battery won’t last you very long, especially if you’re using a low resistance build in your atomizer, so I highly recommend taking a spare battery with you when you’re on the go.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

This is an unregulated device that pulls power straight from the battery. There’s no variable wattage/voltage to set and no options to tweak. You just push the fire button and it fires whatever voltage is left in the battery, like a mechanical mod. But this isn’t a mech. Even though there’s no display or adjustment buttons, the Manto Mini does have a built-in PCB albeit only for protections. In case of a short-circuit, overheating, low battery voltage or reverse battery polarity, the mod will cut off power to protect you. It’s basically the same system as in the Wismec Luxotic BF, a mechanical mod with built-in protections.

The Rincoe Manto Mini works with resistances ranging between 0.08Ω and 5Ω, anything below or over those values will cause the LED on the fire button to flash three times and the mod will not fire.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

Performance-wise, the Manto Mini mod is comparable to a mechanical mod. It’s a fast firing device, but because it pulls power straight from the battery, you tend to notice a drop in power as the voltage goes down. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the battery voltage dropping too low (under 3V) as the mod will cut off power for safety reasons.

The Metis RDA

The Rincoe Metis is a very basic RDA. In that regard it pairs really well with the Rincoe Manto Mini, which is a basic vape mod. It measures 24mm in diameter, features an 810 drip tip and a classic two-post build deck that’s most suitable for dual-builds. The two airflow slots on the side of the barrel are mirrored, so you can’t close one while leaving the other open. I personally would have liked a single-coil option, but again, you can’t really complain too much about a kit that costs under $25.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t the kind of RDA I’d use on a daily basis, because it’s so rudimentary, but it definitely works for someone just getting into drippers and advanced vaping setups. It doesn’t put out the best flavor, but you can chug some thick clouds with the right coil setup.

The Metis RDA isn’t the most advanced dripper money can buy, but it’s easy to build on, cheap and offers decent performance. What more can you ask for?

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit


The Rincoe Manto Mini has its issues. The polycarbonate body of the Manto Mini mod feels cheap, the battery venting slots are a lot bigger than they should be, and it lacks any kind of features. The Metis RDA is a bare-bone device as well, although it does get the job done. But despite all its flaws, it’s hard to ignore the incredibly attractive price point. This may not be the vaping setup of your dreams, but if you’re looking for something very cheap, lightweight and that works as intended, the Manto Mini is at least worth your consideration.

Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W kit

The Manto Mini was sent to me directly by AVE40, for the purpose of this review.

Check it here: Rincoe Manto Mini RDA 90W Kit

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Tesla Punk 86w mech mod preview

Teslacigs Punk 86w Mod Preview

Recently Teslacigs just released a new device from the Punk Family — Teslacigs Punk 86W Mod. Now it’s available at AVE40.COM

It’s been a while since last one punk mod was released. Honestly speaking, Teslacig became famous and welcome since they had launched the first Punk mod which  special steam punk style caught people’s eyes, of course it also gets a bit lot of appreciation of their fans. But how about this new punk mod exactly? Will it be the next fashionable punk? Let’s see it now.

Teslacigs Punk 86W Mod has exquisite carving appearance which shows classic vaping times, it can call back vapers’original vaping experience. The Punk Mech mod is powered by single 18650 battery and is capable of 86W output. It is equipped with 0.49″ OLED screen, you can read the data clearly. With the most outstanding classic punk style design, Tesla Punk 86w Mod will match with your style and make you fashionable at the same time.

Look at these baby

Tesla Punk 86W VW MOD


Technical Data:
Size: 28x104mm
Material: Brass+SS
Cell Type: Single 18650 cell(discharge current should be above 40A)
Output Mode: P(Power) / B(By Pass) mode
Output Wattage: 7-86W(in 0.5W increments)
Max Output Voltage: 8.5V
Max Output Current: 30A
USB: 5V/1.0A
OLED Screen: 0.49″
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
Color: Antique Brass, Antique Copper, SS, Gunmetal

Tesla Punk 86W VW MOD

Now it’s available at our web store.

Click here to find it:Teslacigs Punk 86w Mod In Ave40

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Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit Review – Power Comes At A Price

Introduction: The Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit from Aspire

The Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit is the first Squonk device from the huge vape brand Aspire.aspire feedlink revvo components

The kit version includes the Aspire Feedlink squonk mod and the Revvo Boost tank.

The Feedlink mod is a semi-regulated device. There are no adjustments and it will only output the power of the battery – like a mechanical device. However there are some safety features which are not on a mechanical device:

  • 10 second fire cut off
  • Battery reverse protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Over heat protection
  • Battery level indicator light.

The mod requires a single 18650 battery which is not included and it outputs 3-4.2V depending on the charge state of the battery.

Inside the mod is the 7ml squonk bottle which when squeezed feeds the bottom feed Revvo Boost tank.

The Revvo Boost tank is basically the standard Aspire Revvo tank but with a bottom feed 510 pin.

The tank uses the new style flat radial coils and has a 2ml capacity chamber too.

There are 5 colour versions available – Silver, Black/Blue, Gunmetal/Chrome, Silver/Sunset Red and Black/Nightsky.aspire feedlink revvo kit colours

I have been excited to get this beauty fired up – especially the Revvo boost tank! I struggle with my hands so not always up to building RDA’s and there are not many with stock coil heads which are also bottom feed.

What’s In The Box

  • Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod
  • Aspire Revvo Boost tank
  • 2x ARC Coils
  • Spare glass
  • O-rings
  • User manual

feedlink revvo kit contents


Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod Specs

  • Size: 87x48x30mm
  • Battery: 1×18650
  • Semi regulated mod
  • Squonk bottle capacity: 7ml
  • Output voltage: 3-4.2V
  • Battery indicator light

aspire feedlink revvo kit specs

Aspire Revvo Boost Tank Specs

  • Size: 24x41mm (2ml version), 24x45mm (3.6ml version)
  • Capacity: 2ml (EU) or 3.6ml (Standard)
  • Bottom feed squonk pin
  • Adjustable airflow
  • ARC radial coil heads

Build Quality & Design

This is an absolutely stunning kit it really is. Together the match of the tank and mod is just beautiful. It has a real industrial rugged feel to it in the Gunmetal version I received whilst still being pleasing to the eye.feedlink kit in hand

Sadly though the tank is a slightly wider diameter than the mod resulting in a slight but noticeable overhang – which is very very sad.feedlink kit size comparison

Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod

So to look at this it reminds you of the handle of a gun or some kind of hard-ass tool. The handle of a massive logger’s saw or something.aspire squonk kit

The side panels on mine are metal and in a darker colour than the mod body. They have a textured feel with “Aspire” branding set into them. Both sides of the mod look exactly the same so perfect for left or right hand use.feedlink revvo top view

On the top of the mod is a sturdy 510 connector but the size of tank you can use on this is limited – as stated above the supplied Revvo Boost even overhangs a bit. So really 23mm diameter is about the maximum size without overhang. However the side panels of the mod do extend beyond that to take the whole width to 30mm but you can see the overhang.revvo boost overhang

Also on the top is the fire button. This is a textured pivoted button which feels a bit sloppy but doesn’t rattle and always responds perfectly. Behind that is a light which changes colour for battery life and also illuminates for various other functions.revvo boost on feedlink

The squonk bottle and battery are inserted from the base via removable caps.feedlink squonk battery caps

The squonk bottle cap has a latch so you only need to turn it 45° and it opens. The battery cap however is fully threaded and is a pig to grip and takes forever to screw and unscrew with a long threading portion.

The squonk bottle is nice and soft but doesn’t always return to its shape straight away – it can take a few seconds to suck back. It is also quite darkly tinted which I don’t like.feedlink view squonk side

Aspire Revvo Boost Tank

This is a really pretty tank to be honest. The mixture of black plastic and metal to match the colour of the mod body make this look lovely.

The small glass portion of the tank is super easy to see through.aspire revvo boost tank

The airflow adjustment on the top is really smooth and easy but you do have to look closely to see what setting you have it in as it’s not always obvious.

The top cap includes the drip tip so it doesn’t appear to be replaceable.

Just like the mod the build quality is superb and it feels and looks so well made.

How Does the Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit Perform?

Basic operation

  • Press the fire button 5 times quickly to turn on or off.
  • Press the fire button to vape
  • Squeeze the bottle to fill the tank

The battery capacity remaining is indicated on the light around the fire button.

  • 3.9-4.2V(50-100% capacity) = blue light
  • 3.5-3.8V (20-50%) = pink and blue light
  • Below 3.5V (0-20%) = pink light

feedlink battery indicator

The indicator light also illuminates when any of the following faults occur:

  • Flash 10 times when firing = fire button has been held down for over 10 seconds and firing will stop
  • Flash 2 or 3 times = short circuit
  • Orange light flashes 15 times = battery level too low to fire
  • Blue and Orange stays lit = mod temperature too high – over 75°C

How To Install The Battery

You are not able to charge the battery with it installed on the mod. You don’t even get a USB cable in the kit – so make sure you have a good brand external battery charger at hand and know all your vape battery safety.feedlink mod battery

  • Unscrew the battery cap on the base of the mod.
  • Install a 18650 battery with the positive end going into the mod and the negative end at the battery cap end.
  • Replace the battery cap.

Aspire Revvo Boost Tank

The tank is filled via the bottom feed squonk pin – simply squeeze the squonk bottle and watch the tank fill.

Whilst using if there is liquid in the tank you can tip the mod/tank over to splash more e-liquid onto the base of the coil.

You can adjust the airflow of the tank to your preference using the airflow control ring. More of the airflow slot exposed = more airflow and less exposed = restricted airflow.

One other thing to remember is although you can use the radial coils from the original Revvo tank – they are a slightly different resistance. The ones in the Revvo boost are 0.1-0.14ohm and the original ones are 0.1-0.16ohm as these were coupled with more powerful kits originally.

How To Fill The Aspire Feedlink Mod Squonk Bottle

Oh god this is sooo messy. Gripping the bottle to unscrew or screw on the top cap results in e-liquid weeing out the top so have plenty of tissues on standby.feedlink messy refill

  • Push the bottle securing cap in slightly and turn until the cap is released.
  • Pull the bottle from the mod.aspire feedlink squonk bottle
  • Unscrew the metal cap on the top of the bottle.squonk bottle cap removed feedlink
  • Fill the bottle to the level required.
  • Replace the bottle top cap.feedlink squonk bottle removed
  • Install the bottle into the mod.
  • Align the tabs on the bottle securing cap and turn to lock.

How To Change The Coil Head

  • Remove the tank from the mod.
  • Remove the top chamber from the tank.revvo boost top removed
  • Unscrew the coil retaining nut.radial coils and revvo boost
  • Pull the ARC coil from the tank.
  • Install a new coil and make sure it is aligned with the side of the tank.revvo boost coil installed
  • Replace the retaining nut.
  • Replace the top chamber.
  • Place the tank on the mod and fill using the squonk bottle.
  • Leave the tank to stand for a few minutes to prime the coil head.

Flavour & Cloud Production

This is a sub ohm tank so you will need high VG e-liquid.

I used one of my favourite IVG E-liquids the Blackcurrant millions which is 70% VG and I added nicotine to make it 6mg nicotine strength.

For an explanation of what VG and PG mean in regards to e-liquid read our handy guide.

The included coils are the radial ARC coils – the resistance can fluctuate but Aspire rate these at 0.1-0.14ohm and they are best at 70-80W.revvo boost arc coil

Aspire Revvo Boost Tank Performance

So after filling I left this for about 10 minutes to soak up the liquid from the tank. You can only fill this via the Squonk pin I think – I am unable to get the top cap off anyway!

Straight away this blew my head off!

I had to close the airflow down a lot as it is super fierce with the airflow fully open! Wowee!

The flavour is beautiful too – am so surprised with this – I wasn’t really sure about these radial coils but wow I am a convert.

I only got 1 dry hit which was when the squonk bottle level was low and it didn’t seem to push much liquid up into the tank – so you simply just tilt the whole thing to soak up the liquid in the tank section of the Revvo Boost.

You can also leave re-squonking until the tank is almost empty – initially I kept the tank portion quite full but as I have been using it I keep forgetting and it’s quite happy to have the tank level pretty low. Don’t let it run dry though or you will damage your coil and your lungs!

I tend to use this with the airflow almost closed as to me it feels so powerful. Having recently reviewed the Horizon Falcon and used that at 100W this still feels more powerful.

I am on my 9th day of coil use and it still tastes as good as the first day.

Aspire Feedlink Squonk Mod Performance

In use it is comfortable, responsive and super powerful.

There is a battery life indicator – which although is difficult to see is very useful and as a bit of a novice I appreciate all the safety protections in something which performs and looks like a mech mod.

When the battery indicator light changed to the two colours (20-50% left) I felt the power weaken slightly. With a fully charged battery the vaping power almost blows your head off.

I thought this had a regulated power circuit (keeping the output stable despite battery power) but it is more like using a regulated mod but in by-pass mode. The output does drop as the battery level drops.

The biggest flaw of this whole kit is the battery life. It is quite frankly pretty terrible. As you can see below.

Battery Life

The battery life will depend on what batteries you are using, your vaping habits and also if you use a different tank or coil resistance.

This kit can be quite confusing when it comes to choosing a suitable battery. This is a semi-regulated device which has 0.1ohm coils and apparently can chuck out up to 80W. This means you need a pretty hefty battery to cope with that. In fact Aspire themselves state you need a battery capable of 35A output – which doesn’t exist.

I even asked the wonderful Mooch for his opinion and he was stumped and has contacted Aspire to see what battery they recommend.

Initially I used a Samsung 25R battery in here and got only 2 hours of vaping. This wasn’t my usual heavy vaping either as this blew my lungs out – so it was just regular vaping. The 25R is max 20A continuous output and 2500mAh capacity.

Beyond 1.5 hours the output was pretty weak anyway – which for most people would prompt them to swap for another battery.

After thinking some more we got some Sony VTC5A batteries thinking they might be more suitable being a 25A CDC (Continual Discharge Current) and 2500mah capacity.

With the VTC5A the output seemed slightly weaker – it wasn’t blowing my head off like with the 25R.

However the battery life was slightly better at 3 hours.


  • Such a stylish looking kit
  • Easy to change the coil for people with rubbish hands like me!
  • Easy to use with one hand – and fine for left or right hand use.
  • Rugged feeling solid mod
  • Beautiful flavour
  • Powerful mod
  • Suits tank perfectly
  • Full of safety features despite looking like a mech mod
  • No leaks in normal use (except over-squonking)
  • Responsive fire button
  • No rattles or wobbles


  • Appalling battery life – huge con!
  • Matching tank overhangs the mod slightly!
  • Hard to see the battery light when vaping – which is when it lights up!
  • Over-squonk and the liquid pours out of the top airflow holes
  • Can be messy to fill and replace squonk bottle
  • When level low in squonk bottle it pushes air into the tank and liquid out of the airflow holes!
  • Horrendous battery cap
  • Tinted squonk bottle makes it hard to see liquid level
  • Can only use designated squonk bottle

Final Review Verdict

When you are vaping on this it is just so perfect you almost forget the flaws it has.

I own a Wismec Luxotic and have paired that up with the Vandy Vape Maze tank. The Luxotic is a very similar device to the Feedlink and the Maze tank uses similar coils and has a similar capacity to the Revvo Boost – but I pick up the Aspire kit in preference now!

The epic performance however comes at a high price. Battery life is awful – really awful. I got around 2 hours of regular but not super heavy vaping from a Samsung 25R. After 1.5 hours the output was so poor it wasn’t really much use to vape on. Changing the battery for a Sony VTC5A improved the battery life slightly but the vaping experience was a bit weaker?

Sadly also there are quite a few design flaws…

I found the battery cap horrific, it’s hard to grip to turn and has about twelvety million threads on it so it takes forever to change the battery. When you couple this with how often you change the battery on this – it’s not good at all.

The squonk bottle is a unique design so sadly swapping it for another brand is not an option. It is too darkly tinted to see the level in all lights and it’s really messy to fill and replace. You end up squeezing it to replace the lid and when putting it in the mod – covering you and all your possessions in e-liquid. Well I am super clumsy though!

The looks of this kit are absolutely stunning but they are spoilt slightly by one silly oversight. If you have a matching tank for a mod and include it in the kit – try and make sure the tank doesn’t overhang on the mod it is designed for – bit silly that.

Now It’s Available :

Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit

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smok stick v9

Coilart Mage Mech V2.0

Smok Species & TFV8 Baby V2 Tank Kit Preview – Touch Screen And Mesh Coils!

The Species Kit By Smok Previewed

We have a new kit from Smok – this time it is the Smok Species Kit which includes the new TFV8 Baby V2 tank.smok species kit poster

I will look at the tank first – yet again the crazy Smok naming conventions are out in force and this is a Baby V2 version of the TFV8 tank.

tfv8 baby v2 posterI am not sure if previous TFV8 coils are compatible as a new range of Baby V2 coils have been released for this tank.tfv8 baby v2 components

The coils available come in 3 different colours so you can match them to your tank. You get the Baby V2 A1 and A2 heads in the kit.

  • A1 Baby V2 – single mesh coil 0.17ohm rated 90-140W
  • A2 Baby V2 – dual coil mesh head 0.2ohm rated 50-80W
  • A3 Baby V2 – triple mesh coil 0.15ohm rated 60-100W.

tfv8 baby v2 coilsThe mod is the Smok Species mod which uses two 18650 batteries which are not included in the kit.smok species promo pic

The mod will output up to 230W and you have Variable Wattage and Temperature control user modes.smok species modes

A 1.45inch colour high definition screen on the front which is touch operated provides all the controls.smok species touchscreen

There is one button for locking and unlocking the screen plus the side mounted fire bar.smok species lock button

Smok have created a new user interface for the Species mod and you can select from 6 colour themes for the display.smok species UI

There are 8 colours available – Black/Red, Red/Black, Gold/Black, Prism Blue/Black, Prism Chrome/Black, Green/Black, White/Red and 7 Colour/Black.smok species kit colours

Kit Includes

  • Smok Species Mod
  • Smok TFV8 Baby V2 tank
  • Baby V2 A1 single coil
  • Baby V2 A2 dual coil
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • User guide

smok species kit contents

Smok Species Mod Specs

  • Size: 82.1x49x30.6mm
  • Battery: 2×18650 not included
  • Maximum output: 230W
  • Display: 1.45in HD touch screen
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW) / 0.05-2ohm (TC)
  • Power modes: VW, TC
  • Temperature range: 100-315°C/200-600°F
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Screen unlock button
  • 6 display colour themes

smok species mod specs

Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Tank Specs

  • Size: 30x54mm (standard) / 54×25.4mm (EU)
  • Capacity: 5ml (standard) / 2ml EU
  • Uses Baby V2 coils
  • Coils come in different colours
  • Anti-bacterial medical grade cotton wicking
  • Press on drip tip
  • Top refill with child lock
  • Larger refill slot
  • Gold plated 510 connector
  • 3 wide airflow adjustment slots

tfv8 baby v2 specsActually I quite like the look of this latest Smok offering – apart from the horrible tank naming conventions – all makes for more confusion when trying to buy replacement coils!

Now It’s Available :

SMOK Species Kit with TFV8 Baby V2 Tank

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Testosterone Tank: Alpha Sub Ohm Tank by Geekvape

Geekvape has released the Alpha Sub Ohm Tank. The device was supplied with a sliding topkep on the lock, an epoxy drip tip 810 and an expanded 4 ml bulb.

Geekvape presented an Alpha Tank device on instagram  . The housing of the maintenance-free tank was made of stainless steel and supplemented with epoxy resin coating. On top of it, the 810th driptip of similar material was placed, the color of the tank. The filling hole was hidden under a sliding cover with a lock with a characteristic “open” button. Bottom set a massive ring with notches to adjust the torque.

The tank works with branded vaporizers on Egyptian cotton mesh from the MM line. The device is equipped with a pair of options with a resistance of 0.15 and 0.4 ohms, the optimum power for them is marked in the range from 60 to 95 watts. The evaporator is fixed between the base and the firebox without the help of an internal dome. The volume is 2 or 4 ml, depending on the selected flask.

The package includes two evaporators, additional glass, a set of spare parts and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Height – 51 mm
  • Diameter – 25 mm
  • Evaporator resistance – 0.15 / 0.4 ohm
  • Tank capacity – 2/4 ml
  • Top dressing
  • Adjustable airflow

Now It’s Available :

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Viper RTA – a little return to the past from Wotofo

If you have been watching the activities of Wotofo for a long time , you should know that the manufacturer updates its product range in batches of several devices. As I already told you, just a couple of days ago I heard the good news, the company released new products. Now it’s time to look at what the manufacturer prepared for us in its next serviced tank – Viper RTA .Viper RTA - a little return to the past from Wotofo

In the review on Flow, I said that the tank cannot boast of any unusual design, and about the Viper RTAI have the same opinion. Yes, this tank is already available in two color options, but there is still nothing interesting in it. Unless, of course, we consider the decorative element of the recess in the cover of the atomizer and the blowing adjustment ring.

Dimensions :

Height – 40 mm.
Diameter – 24 mm.
Weight – 39 g.

Viper RTA - a little return to the past from Wotofo
Specifications :

What makes me happy in products from Wotofo, so this is what the manufacturer is absolutely not afraid to experiment with the characteristics of their devices and every time tries to show something new. This time, the most interesting part of the atomizer for me was its serviced base. Nowadays, both the vapers themselves and the manufacturers pay great attention to the capabilities of atomizers in terms of “pile-up”. In this regard, both the diameter of the devices themselves and the size of the racks are growing.
Viper RTA - a little return to the past from Wotofo
For this reason, everything that does not look like something huge and powerful is surprising users. I honestly did not expect to see what the manufacturer offers us, but that didn’t make my impression worse. So, at the disposal of the user is the base, consisting of two racks, designed for the installation of one spiral. The legs of the spiral are fixed with cross-head screws. If you believe the renders provided by the manufacturer, then the holes are not very large. Anyway, nobody tries to put something very powerful in atomizers of this format.Viper RTA - a little return to the past from Wotofo

The capacity of the tank for liquid is 3 ml. All charged in an elementary way – the holes under the top cover. Buck received a fluid control system. As for the airflow system, here we have the lower airflow, but somewhat modified. The air enters the evaporation chamber from the bottom and is fed to the spiral in just one slot. My overall impression is positive. I am sure that the quality of taste will be very, very good here.Viper RTA - a little return to the past from Wotofo

Now It’s Available :

Wotofo Viper RTA Tank

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Packaging on the Vaporesso Swag kit is very nice, as always with most Vaporesso products. On the first tier of the box, you will get the mod, the tank, and a spare coil. Below the plastic insert of the box, there is a high-quality USB cable included.

First impression on the Swag Kit, it looks very much like an Eleaf Pico or a Smok Baby Alien mod. It’s one of those mods that takes a single 18650 with the raised battery cap. It’s a nice form factor and I do like the design. The nice thing about this mod, as opposed to the other two that I just mentioned, is that Vaporesso tends to use a much better chipset. Let’s see if that holds true for this kit. I’m going to put some batteries in it, juice it up, and see how it actually performs.


  • One Swag 80W TC Mod
  • One NRG SE Sub-Ohm Tank
  • GT2 Core 0.4 ohm Coil
  • GT CCELL 0.4 ohm Ceramic Coil
  • Spare Glass Tank Section
  • Spare O-Rings
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • User Manuals

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review



Starting off at the top of the mod, we do have a raised battery cap. It protrudes out from the top plate of the mod quite a lot. The battery cap is black and it does have some knurling around it. Threading on the battery cap is very smooth especially at the beginning of the threads. Towards the end, it does tend to get a little crunchy but I think that has to do with the resistance of the installed battery more than it does with the actual threading. On the interior of the battery cap, we do have a negative battery orientation marking. Inside the battery tube, there is also a positive battery orientation marking. The battery contact on the bottom of the tube is gold plated and spring loaded.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

On the top side of the mod, straight across from the battery cap, is where the 510 connection is located. As with most Vaporesso mods, the 510 connection on this mod is pretty damn good. There is a gold plated 510 pin that is spring loaded and it has a firm, long throw to it. So far, all of the atomizers that I’ve used have sat flush on this mod. Around the 510 there is a stainless steel plate. It is totally smooth with no indentations or cutouts whatsoever. The one downfall of this sort of mod is that it really limits you as far as other atomizers go. Because of the battery cap, anything larger than 22 mm will just not fit on this mod.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

With the screen facing you on the right side of the mod, we do have a sort of carbon fiber look. I really don’t think it’s a sticker, it looks to be more of a plastic piece with a carbon fiber image imprinted on it. On the top of that panel, there is some Swag branding. On the side of the same panel, there is also some Vaporesso branding. All branding is very subtle because they do it in colors that are very close to the shades of the body of the mod. Right below The Vaporesso branding, there is a charge update port. This mod is firmware upgradeable. The port also supports 2 amp internal charging. That’s a really nice feature to have on a single 18650 mod. This mod charges quickly when plugged in.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

On the left side of the mod, there is some more Swag branding towards the top. Towards the bottom of the mod is where is the plus and minus buttons are located. If the screen is facing you and the plus and minus buttons point towards the floor, the plus button is on the left and the minus button is on the right. There are no button orientation markings. I really hate when companies do that. How hard is it to slap a plus or minus sign on the button?

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The good news is the plus and minus buttons are clicky and responsive. They are somewhat embedded in the mod. They really don’t protrude at all from the surface of the side of the mod. You kind of have to stick your finger in there in order to access them. The button is rectangular in shape and it seems to be made out of plastic.

On the bottom of the mod, we do have some battery venting that is arranged in a circular pattern. This pattern occurs on both sides of the bottom of the mod. Each circular pattern has 6 vent holes. On the backside of the mod, opposite the screen, there is a black panel with some silver accenting around it.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

On the front of the mod, there is a .91 inch OLED display. It’s a nice size screen for a mod of this size. It’s a little bit on the dim side and it will give you some trouble viewing it in outdoor lighting conditions. Inside, it is not a problem at all. On the screen, you will be able to see your resistance, battery life, wattage, preheat, and applied voltage. Lots of information for such a little screen.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

Located above the screen is the fire button. It is oval in shape and it seems to be made out of metal. There is some type of swirling effect on it that gives it a light texture. The fire button is clicky and responsive but I do wish it was a little larger. It’s fine as far as the size goes when you compare it to the size of this mod but I always prefer fire buttons that are a little oversized.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

Below the screen, we have the mode button. The mode button lets you scroll through different options in the menu system. It has become a staple with Vaporesso mods. They have really done a lot in the industry when it comes to 4 button mods. I wish other manufacturers would follow suit when it comes to adding another button. It definitely makes the menu systems more simplified when you have a dedicated menu button. Unfortunately, with this mod and other recent mods, Vaporesso has failed to take full advantage of this button but we will get into that in more detail later.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

Overall, I would say the design of this mod is very compact and good looking. It definitely has a nice feel and weight to it. While the side panels seem to be made out of plastic, they don’t feel cheap at all. They do have a smooth feel to them and I wish that they had a little bit more texture to them in order to give the mod a better grip. I love the two-tone look of this mod and the way they put some of the color combinations together. The mod is available in black, blue, orange, and stainless steel.


Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The tank included with this kit is the NRG SE 22 mm Sub Ohm tank. It is a smaller version of Vaporesso’s NRG tank. Just like the big version, it does have a top fill system. There is an arrow located on the top cap. Push towards the arrow and slide the tank to your left to open it. It is very similar to a Smok Baby Beast sort of top fill. The only difference is the top cap slides towards the left and up instead of to the right and sideways. This tank does hold 3.5 mls of liquid.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The drip tip included with this tank is a sort of proprietary drip tip. I will explain, while it has a 510 opening, it also has a little cut out on the bottom that allows it to slip around a ring that is raised off of the top of the top cap. It does give it a very clean look. The drip tip is very comfortable, the only problem with it is if you do want to run your own 510 drip tips, you have to make sure that they match perfectly with the circumference of the protruding ring on the top cap. 510 drip tips will fit, but not all of them will look good.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The fill port for the NRG tank is located under the top cap, beneath the slider. It has a Tic Tac shape to it and there is a white gasket around it. You will be able to fit needle nose bottles in there with no problem but be careful with the bull nose types of bottles. It is a little too small for air to escape while you are filling it. It could get a little messy with those types of bottles and glass droppers. On the ring around the top cap, there is some Vaporesso branding on one side.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

The base of the NRG tank has bottom airflow. There are two airflow slots located opposite each other on the base of the tank. The AFC is smooth and easy to adjust. It does have stoppers on both ends. This is a bottom airflow tank. On the base, you will see some Vaporesso branding as well as a serial number. The 510 pin on the NRG tank is silver-plated and the threading around the 510 is stainless steel. The threading is very smooth and so far, it has sat flush on every other mod that I have used it on.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

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This kit does come with 2 coils. One is the .5 ohm GT CCELL ceramic coil and the other is the .4 ohm GT2 coil. Because I received a very early pre-release version, I only received one coil. So, I cannot intelligently comment on the .5 ohm ceramic coil because I did not receive it. The only coil I received in my kit was the .4 ohm GT2 coil.

I do have to give Vaporesso credit. I love the way they rated their coils. I’m going to include a pic of their chart that shows all their ratings at different wattages as well as the different preheats. I think that is absolutely fantastic that they do this. I really do wish more manufacturers would follow suit when it comes to providing more accurate information and ratings as far as coils go. My only complaint is, I would like to see the material used in the coil imprinted on the coil itself.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

As usual, I installed the coil and primed it first. I then proceeded to fill the tank up and I let it sit for about 5 minutes even though I primed it first. This is the way I like to set up most of my sub ohm tanks. I like to give the cotton inside the factory coils a chance to really soak up the liquid. The cotton on factory coils is usually packed in there very tight. Giving it time to soak up, definitely helps the coil break in easier when the coil is new.

After letting the coil soak for awhile, I started to vape it at around 40 watts, on normal preheat. I got some pretty good flavor off of it and I really didn’t get a very cottony taste. Maybe for the first pull or two but after that, the flavor really came on. Once I started to get full flavor, I cranked up the wattage to around 50 watts. The flavor definitely got a lot better and the clouds really seemed to come into their own. After that, I tried it at 60 watts, again the flavor was slightly improved and the clouds were indeed larger. I did push this coil as high as 70 watts in normal mode. To be honest, I felt like the flavor diminished, even though the clouds were slightly larger. I like this coil right around 50 watts. That’s where you seem to get the best compromise of clouds and flavor.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

My one problem with this coil is the lack of longevity. It just doesn’t seem to last very long. While I only had one coil, I guess you could probably say I might have gotten a bad one. However, this has been my experience with most of the coils that I have tested in the NRG line of tanks. They are flavorful and cloudy out of the gate but they’re not much for distance. I would like to see Vaporesso improve the quality control on their coils so we can get some better coil life out of them. The good news with this tank is, even though the coils that Vaporesso makes may not be the greatest, it is cross compatible with Smok Baby Beast coils.


This is a good looking kit that has a nice compact feel to it. It is a very easy carry and it’s extremely pocketable. I do like the fact that they recessed the plus and minus buttons. That makes it even more pocketable in my opinion because you have less of a chance of those buttons being hit while in a pocket or bag. It does have a nice smooth texture to it and it does feel very comfortable in the hand. It is light and very compact. I love the fact that Vaporesso was very subtle about the branding. There is no gaudy type of branding on this mod. If you like the looks of the Eleaf Pico or the Smok Baby Alien, then you are going to love this mod. I think it actually looks a bit better and after using it for quite some time, I know it performs better.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review


The Swag mod uses Vaporesso’s proprietary chip, which is the new to 2.0 Omniboard. This chip will fire as low as .05 ohms and as high as 5 ohms. It has a maximum voltage of 8.5 volts and a temperature control range of 200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The chip also has a full temperature control suite. It is capable of doing TC in Ni, Ti, and SS. There is also a wattage curve feature as well as a temperature control curve feature and a TCR function with two memory slots. I absolutely love the Smart VW mode. I think it is a huge win for newbies. What this mode does is as soon as you attach an atomizer in power mode, it gives you a suggested wattage. That is just fantastic for new vapers that may not know where to start. This is a pretty competent board with a ton of bells and whistles. It also has a bypass mode and of course, if you want to, you can simply run it in power mode.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review


  • Click the fire button 5 times to turn the mod on and off.
  • Long press the mode button to scroll through the different modes.
  • Going into the system settings gives you access to VW Mode, VT Mode, Default, Smart Mode, Screen Timeout, Brightness, and Puff Counter.
  • In order to get into the system settings, scroll through the options in the main menu. When you get to system settings, hit the mode button three times. From there, you can adjust your modes, screen brightness, screen timeout, and puff counter. It is here where you can change the wattage in TC mode.
  • Hold the plus and minus button to flip the screen.
  • Hold the mode and the plus button to lock and unlock the device.

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review

While this menu system has a lot of functionality to it, the way they laid it out is just way too difficult. There are just too many button presses that you need to do just to make very simple adjustments. I’m sorry, but that’s a poor job by Vaporesso, especially since we are using an extra button as opposed to most traditional menu systems. They really need to come up with some more efficient button presses to simplify this menu. There is no reason why this menu has to be so complicated with fourth button. They seem to have addressed that situation on that kit but unfortunately, the Swag kit has the same problem that the original Revenger menu system has.


It’s a really nice, high-quality vape. I find this mod to be extremely accurate in power mode and TC mode. Vaporesso does a great job with its chipset as far as accuracy goes in both power and TC mode. I get a very satisfying vape off of this setup. While the coils may not be the greatest, they can be replaced with Smok Baby Beast coils and that makes the NRG tank infinitely more enjoyable. While I am not the sort of vaper that is into those curve modes, I know a lot of people out there enjoy them. If you do enjoy wattage curve or TC curve, you are going to love this little mod. It’s an 80-watt little powerhouse that vapes really well. It has a tank on it that is very flavorful and aside from the coil longevity, this is a high-quality kit. The coil longevity is an easily solved problem. When you buy replacement coils, just buy Smok Baby Beast coils.


  • Simplified Menu System
  • Better Quality Coils

Unfortunately, this mod suffers from the same fate as the original Revenger mod. There are just way too many clicks in order to access certain parts of the menu. So many clicks that it’s absolutely ridiculous, especially for a four button mod. When you add an extra button, that should significantly cut down on the amount of clicks you have to do in order to access certain parts of the menu. That is not the case with this mod or the original Revenger. It’s too bad, I know a lot of people gave Vaporesso that feedback and they still brought this mod to market with the same type of menu system. I wish they would have listened to their customers.

Another thing that they haven’t listened to is the fact that their coils are just not that great. They’re okay, but when you compare them to other coils in the same subcategory, they are a bit under par. They definitely need to tighten up the QC on their coils. Maybe do something a little different, or use some other type of material but the way they are right now, they just don’t last long and the flavor is not as good as some of its competition in this category.


Most of you that read my reviews know that I am a resident of New York City. Because of that, I tend to commute a lot and take a lot of public transit. I like little setups like this that I can put in my pocket and quickly vape while I am between buses or trains. For that type of setup, this is a nice little kit. I have used it as my commuter mod for quite some time now and I have to say that I really like it. It is also a very competent backup setup. You can easily slip it into your pocket and keep it as a backup mod should you be away from home longer than expected, you can always pull it out of your pocket and vape on if your main mod runs out of battery life. I use it on those occasions as well. It’s also great for a beginner. The reason it’s great for a beginner is because it has a Smart VW mode. You can screw on a new atomizer and the mod will automatically give you a suggested wattage according to the resistance of your coil. That is just a fantastic feature for newbies who don’t know where the start. It’s a little bit of a complicated menu system in order to access all the bells and whistles but if you just want to put your tank on and vape, it’s a great system.

I would definitely recommend this mod to anyone looking for a solid performing, single 18650 mod. It comes with a good tank even if the coils are not the greatest. Like I said before, that’s an easily solved problem because the tank is compatible with plenty of other coil systems. When you buy new coils, you can just go to another manufacturer. There are plenty of companies that make Baby Beast compatible coils. If you are looking for a stealthy little powerhouse mod with a really good tank and nice build quality, definitely take a look at the Vaporesso Swag. If you like that Pico, Baby Alien look but you want better performance, this mod will out perform them both. Definitely the best battery cap exposed, single 18650 mod, on the market right now.

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